Monday, December 31, 2012

Resolving Resolutions.

Oh! 2012. You were a memorable one.

Wow.  What a year.  And, to be honest, it seems like a lifetime ago that I wrote my resolutions for 2012.  So much has changed in just a year's time!  Looking back at a year ago today, I was 30 weeks pregnant with only an idea of how motherhood would be.  And then Alice arrived and turned our world totally upside down.  So much has happened this past year but there is just one obvious thing that sticks out in my mind as most memorable.  In 2012, I finally became a mom.  And I've loved every sleep-deprived, baby giggle, slobbery kiss and poopy-diaper filled minute.  Thanks for that, baby girl.

Okay.  Time to check in on my resolutions for 2012... 
  1. Watch less TV.  Check!  I've whittled down my TV watching to just one or two shows a week (I used to watch A LOT more TV pre-Alice).  With a busy baby around, there isn't time for much more.  And I am totally okay with that.
  2. Enjoy the last few child-free months with my husband.  Child-free time?!  I barely remember those days.
  3. Embrace motherhood.  Cherish the unexpected.  There has been a lot of unexpected!  Although I've had ups and downs in this new chapter of my life, I can honestly say that I love being a mom.
  4. Take back my body post pregnancy.  Check!  Thank you, CrossFit!
  5. Slow down.  Live in the present.  Still struggling with this.  Back on the resolutions for 2013!
  6. Buy less stuff.  Buy American.  I lost sight of the stuff-buying for a few months there.  Having a kid makes buying LESS stuff really difficult!  Resolving to do better in 2013.
  7. Step out of my comfort zone.  Taking Mommy/Baby classes and initiating friendships were a big step out of my comfort zone.  And joining CrossFit!
  8. Learn to knit, sew, and can.  Didn't happen.  At all.
  9. Make more things from scratch.  Although the amount of time I had in the kitchen was drastically reduced due to the demands of a baby, as a family, I'd say we've done pretty well with this.  Some of my favorite made-from-scratch recipes here, here and here. 
  10. Continue to blog consistently and honestly.  Check!  I'm happy with what I've documented in 2012 and I plan to do more of it in the new year.  
Are you making resolutions for the new year?  I will absolutely be making resolutions for 2013.  Like I've said before, I believe that, by announcing my goals and aspirations, I become accountable to make them happen!


  1. You've had a wonderful year! You have a beautiful, healthy husband and daughter. You are healthy and happy. It's been so much fun for me to read your blog, watch you grow as a mother, wife, daughter and friend. Keep up the good work. We miss you "3". Take care. We love you! xo

  2. Looks like you have done well, keeping your resolutions. My goodness, having a kid sure makes buying less stuff impossible, but I think that is a great resolution to have for this new year. I'm working on my resolution list and agree, saying them out loud makes you far more accountable.

  3. get em girl! so glad to hear you made the most of an incredible year!


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