Wednesday, March 16, 2011

I am ready.

Life is a journey.         

Imagine there is this party.  A really glamorous and fabulous party.  But, there is a catch... this party is by invitation only.  You've heard about this party but, for a while, it wasn't really the type of party for you.  But you kept hearing about it.  And mostly you ignored it.  Then one day you realized you were interested in this party.  Like really interested.  So you decide you want to go to this party but you don't have an invitation.  So you wait.  And wait.  And you wait for this invitation... but it doesn't come.  So you wait some more... a little less patiently this time.  And you wonder... Where is my invitation?  Surely I should be getting my invitation any day now.  But it still doesn't come.  And the thing that sucks about waiting for your invitation is that all you seem to hear about is this party and how fabulous and life-changing it is.  And everyone around you seems to be invited to this party.  Everyone but you

And all you can do is hope.  Hope that your invitation comes soon to this wonderful and life-changing party.  Hopefully it does....

... Because I am ready.
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