Friday, October 24, 2014


This week in iPhone photos: The new Federal Courthouse & a gorgeous (and huge!) praying mantis.

Currently... relieved that my interview went well yesterday but now I'm a little nervous for Tuesday's peer interview with five ER nurses and me! I'll be brushing up on emergency nursing stuff this weekend, for sure.

Currently... giddy over the hike that I am doing tomorrow. I've had serious peak-fever since our trip to British Columbia and that run we did to the Lake of the Hanging Glacier. So tomorrow I'm doing the Pfeifferhorn! And I'm taking my big camera to capture what I hear are phenomenal views over the 9 miles and 3,700+ feet of elevation gain.

Currently... sad to see our downtown farmers market coming to an end tomorrow. Although it will be good for me to sever my Saturday morning addiction of a morning bun from Tuile.

And currently... ready for a Friday afternoon beer. Epic's Pumpkin Stout with a cinnamon sugar rim is calling my name!

Happy weekend! What are you currently doing?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Crossfit! 1RM shoulder press (ugh, I could only do 95lbs when my previous 1RM is 100!), then Diane! 21-15-9 deadlifts (145) + HSPU (2 ab mats). Tuesday - Crossfit! 3x20 of heaviest possible walking front rack lunges (65, 75, 85... ouch), then 3 RFT of wall balls (14) + 400m run. Wednesday - So sore from those walking lunges so rest day. Thursday - Easy family run to buy beer. 2.5 miles. Friday - Crossfit! 1RM clean + jerk (ugh. I squat cleaned 120 but couldn't jerk it so 115 for today), then 7 min AMRAP 10 T2B + 10 C&J (75) = 53 reps.

Perfect fall leaf. // Until the weather turns cold, the bums rule the park.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014


We've had perfect fall weather the past two weeks.

It feels like it should be Friday already with all that I've done in the last few days. Coffee with a potential grad school reference (she said yes!). Dinner with a friend who is currently in the DNP program (she says it is tough!). And an interview for a job in the Emergency Department tomorrow.

Yes. I am nervous. Wish me luck!

Monday, October 20, 2014


The sun sets on the Oquirrhs.

Saturday morning I received a text that I had been anticipating for weeks. The text was from the husband of one of my best friends, letting me know that his wife was in labor! I'd been anticipating this moment for more than just wanting to congratulate my friend on her newest child but because she had asked me a few weeks ago if I'd be willing to photograph her labor and the birth of her daughter.

I left Alice and Lee to do our usual Saturday morning routine of wandering the farmers market and I quickly drove to their home where my friend was laboring under the watchful eye of her skilled midwife. Having seen a few women in labor before (and having been in labor myself), I was amazed at how calm and collected she seemed despite being just a few hours away from delivering a baby.

The whole experience was surreal and I was brought to tears more than once as I watched her endure and then overcome the pain of a contraction while her husband rubbed her back or held her hand. She was a pillar of strength and I was awestruck by her resolve but also by the ability of the human body to persevere through what is probably one of the most painful experiences a healthy woman will ever go through.

Watching her labor and then deliver a perfectly healthy baby girl brought up feelings I didn't anticipate, though. As I watched her in the birthing tub, her husband giving support at her side, tears sprung to my eyes as I realized I will never again experience the anticipation, the pain, and then the joy of meeting your child for the first time. In that moment of unexpected emotion, I was grateful for the lens of my camera to hide my tears as I didn't want the moment to be colored by the grief I was feeling.

But as she held her seconds-old baby in her arms, I felt that grief dissipate and I was immediately flooded with joy at having witnessed such a miraculous event. And I felt honored to have helped welcome a new life onto this planet.

Weekend Workouts: Saturday & Sunday - None! After having watched the birth of a baby, I felt completely exhausted and totally out of it for the rest of the day. And Sunday was no better! Back at it this week.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Anniversary walk at Jordanelle.

Since going to that information session for graduate school a few weeks ago, I've spent a great deal of time in my head, thinking about what is the next best step for me both personally and professionally. After a late-night talk and a lot of miscommunication on what each of us believed to be the best path forward for our collective futures, Lee and I left the conversation and my dream of attending graduate school completely unresolved.

But now we have a plan.

At this time I am moving full-steam ahead with both going back to work and applying for the fall 2015 start of the Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner program. I don't know yet if I will return to my roots in the ICU or the ER or if I will go in an entirely different career direction while I await the start of school. And who knows if I even stand a chance of getting into the program next year.

It just feels so good to finally have a plan for my future. And for our future.


Strange plants along the shore of the reservoir.

Monday, October 13, 2014


Homemade apple chips! Here's the recipe.

I'm a bit paralyzed at the moment with thinking about a major career/professional decision and my head just isn't clear enough to write about our weekend. So please enjoy a few photos I took of us making apple chips on Saturday.

And wish me some clarity and peace of mind on what to do next.

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Rest day! Sunday - Hike with Jill! Church Fork to Grandeur Peak. 6.7 miles/3:00/2,555 ft elev gain.

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