Wednesday, April 16, 2014


Whenever Mama makes a cocktail, Alice insists on having one, too: Kombucha + Club Soda.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

You'll be happy to hear that Alice's puke-fest yesterday morning was an isolated incident and it didn't affect anyone else in our house. I did spend the majority of the day, though, thinking, "Wait... do I feel nauseous?  Oh man. I think I'm sick!"  But nothing ever came of it so obviously it was all in my head.

With just a few days until we leave for the Trail Running Festival in Fruita, CO, I'm starting to finalize my packing list for my 50K. The list of what I need to bring is about the length of my arm so I won't bore you with the nitty-gritty but here are just a few of what I believe to be essential whenever I head out for any length of trail run.
  1. A lightweight and breathable hat is crucial to lessening sun exposure and keeping cool as the temperatures climb. And I always run with a bandana either around my neck to ward off the sun or tucked in a pocket to use as a bandage in case of a fall or to fill with ice to be used as a cooling device.
  2. It's no secret that I am a nerd for sunscreen. Choose a long-wearing sport variety that is water and sweat resistant and apply it liberally to your face, ears, neck and chest. I like to keep a chapstick with sunscreen in a reachable pocket for my lips, of course, but also for my ears and nose as a quick re-application. And if you've ever had chafing then you know how important Bodyglide can be. Never leave for a run without it.
  3. I've run with many a hydration pack and this one wins, hands down. The Nathan Sports Hydration Vests were designed by trail runners for trail runners and, after hours of wearing mine, my neck and shoulders aren't screaming from carrying a few liters of water over many miles. And those front pockets are perfect for storing chapstick, snack bars, and a cell phone (for shorter runs on trail or road, I love this little waist belt).
  4. Having run a few ultras before, you'd think I'd have my favorite sock-and-shoe combination figured out but this area of my training is still a work-in-progress. I did my 20-miler a few weeks ago in the Ironman Wigwam socks and the Altra Zero Drop Lone Pine trail shoes and came away with no blisters or lost toenails (!!). But we'll see what adding another 11.1 miles does to my feet. And to keep menacing dust and blister-inducing rocks out of my shoes, Dirty Girl Gaiters are the only way to go.
So there you have it! My must-haves for trail running. Anything you'd like to add to my list? Hurry up! Race day is rapidly approaching.

And who could forget the tragedy that happened on this day last year.... Boston forever strong.

Monday, April 14, 2014


Alice's new summer sandals. // Making messes & then mad when she's asked to clean them up. // Gin & Tonic w/ cucumber. // Cedar-planked Utah trout! // Grilled bananas w/ vanilla bean ice cream & Epic's Imperial Stout.

We spent our weekend close to home, barbecuing at our house on Friday night (and watching House of Cards, of course), attending a birthday party at our neighbor's house on Saturday for Alice's best buddy's little sister who turned 1, and then having my mom and step-dad over for dinner on Sunday. And since my 50K race is now less than a week away and I'm well into my taper from training, I didn't have a long trail run taking up a chunk of my weekend hours.

We leave on Friday for Fruita, CO!

But now some bad news: Alice puked early this morning and now I'm feeling a bit nauseous. I'm hoping my nausea is all just in my head from doing loads of vomit-laundry this morning and not because I'm coming down with whatever Alice has.

Because nothing would derail my plans to run 31.1 miles on Saturday than a stomach bug today.

Weekend Workouts: Saturday & Sunday - Rest days! I love me some training taper-time.


She loves the Baby Sign app. // Belated bday gifts from Savta Rabbah. // Race course! // Tickles from Grandma Julie. // "Hi, Mom."

Friday, April 11, 2014


Scenes from a meltdown!

Currently... loving the blog Reasons My Son Is Crying (and also the Instagram hashtag #whymykidiscrying) because it makes me feel like my kid isn't the only irrational tantrum-thrower! Alice is definitely becoming more independent and somewhat less clingy, but, of course, she still has the occasional meltdown over the silliest things. So I've started to document them! This meltdown was from this morning. She asked for her stickers. So I gave them to her! And then she cried.

Currently... amazed that it will be 75 degrees in SLC today. Hello, summer!

Currently... a little tired (and, I'll admit, a little hung over) from my date last night with Lee. We went to a fundraiser for Ballet West called Beer & Ballet, which was sponsored by my favorite brewery, Epic Brewing. After a pre-fundraiser cocktail at The Hotel Monaco and then three high-alcohol beers at the event, we were both buzzed by the time the performance started. The performance was wonderful! And luckily we live only two blocks from the theater so that we could walk our tipsy selves home after.

Currently... counting down the minutes until we can dive back into season two of House of Cards. Since we were out late last night, we had to skip our nightly ritual of dinner with the Underwoods.

Currently... only 8 days til my big race!

And currently... wondering if that equation is true where you double the height of your kid at two years old to find out what their approximate height will be as an adult. If it is true, then Alice will be 6 feet tall!

What are you currently doing? Any big weekend plans?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Family run! 5.1 miles/44 min/411 feet elev gain. Tuesday - CrossFit! Skill: Bar muscle ups. Strength: 1 RM clean & jerk (120lbs). WOD: 3 RFT of: 25 double unders + 15 snatches (65lbs Rx), rest 3 minutes the 3 RFT of: 10 CTB (blue) + 10 OHS (45lbs). Wednesday - CrossFit! Skill: Handstand push-ups. Strength: Deadlifts, 20 reps @ 80% (145lbs.. going sort of light in anticipation of my race). WOD: Partner workout, complete the following in 25 min time limit (1 person works at a time): 800M runw/ 14 lbs ball. 100 burpees. 80 overhead lunges (25lbs). 60 kettle bell swings (35lbs). 50 push press (85lbs). 40 weighted sit-ups (25lbs). 30 pistols. 20 HSPU. 1000M row (we made it thru 4 HSPU before time was out). Thursday - Rest day! Friday - CrossFit! Skill: Handstand walks. Strength: Heavy 2 position snatch (65lbs). WOD: 3 RFT of: 10 power cleans + 10 shoulder-to-overhead + 10 front rack walking lunges (65lbs Rx 6 minutes).

Last night's wait for Grandma Julie. And date night makeup!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Food Truck Thursdays.

Scenes from Food Truck Thursday @ The Gallivan Center.

I've fallen in love hard this week with where we live. The weather has been fantastic in Salt Lake, which means we've spent most of our days outside wandering the city. Picnic in the park on Monday. Playing in the fountains on Tuesday. Play date at the Tracy Aviary on Wednesday. And Food Truck Thursdays for lunch today.

The concept of urban living is lost on many Utahns and, when I meet a new mom and I tell her where we live, I often get a look of bewilderment when they find out that we choose to live downtown in a loft just under 1,100 square-feet as a family of three.

"You only have one car?" "You don't have a backyard?" "You live a block away from the homeless shelter?!"

I oftentimes have house-envy after play-dates at particularly beautiful homes, but I also can't imagine living in the suburbs and having to lug Alice to the car, strap her into her car seat, load up the stroller, drive somewhere, take her out of the car seat, unload the stroller and then do it all over again when we've finished our errand or when we're ready to head home. I can barely handle one car trip a week with Alice let alone multiple car trips in a day.

There are upsides and downsides to both living in a home or living in a loft and I imagine at some point, we will find ourselves in need of more space. But until then, I am enjoying the convenience and the chaos and the freedom that comes with having almost everything we need right outside our front door.

And the occasional homeless man sleeping on our porch, too.

Alice & G. City kids & best buddies.

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