Friday, February 27, 2015


Morning macchiato. And bright orange lips.

I should know by early next week whether or not I have been accepted into the Doctorate of Nurse Pracitioner program at the University of Utah. Now that my application is in and the interview is behind me, I feel such a sense of relief. Both of those steps were so daunting and, at the very least, I am so proud of myself for following through with something that challenging. And, at this point, I feel at peace with whichever way their decision goes.

I look at it this way: either I'll be studying statistics and physiology or running trails and drinking beer this summer. Honestly, both sound equally appealing.

In other news, I've signed up for the same 50K that I did last year and the April 17th race day is rapidly approaching. My training this year isn't going nearly as smoothly as last year since I now have work days to plan my long runs around. I did do a run-commute to work this week, though! And, surprisingly, I felt pretty good for my entire 12-hour night shift despite having run 9.5 miles over 1,700 feet of elevation gain to the hospital.

Of course all of my co-workers think I am completely crazy.

Happy weekend! What are your plans? We have our weekly neighborhood meet-up tonight, called Finca Friday, and then later it's Bunco night! And then I'll be working night shifts for the remainder of the weekend. Boo!

Weekly workouts: Monday - Post night shift so... Rest day. Tuesday - CrossFit! Push press (5-3-3-1 increasing weight to 1RM... 108lbs) + Weighted pull-ups (ha! But I did link 3 unbanded pull-ups IN A ROW!), then 3 RFT of: 200m run + 5 wall walks + 10 HR push-ups + 15 box overs. Wednesday - Run commute to work! 9.5 miles/1:40/1,746 ft elev gain. Thursday - Post night shift... Ugh. Rest day. Friday - CrossFit! Bench press (5-3-3-1 103lbs) + weighted ring rows (body weight), then 15.1! 9 min AMRAP of: 15 T2B + 10 deadlifts + 5 snatches (65lbs).

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Ski Vacation.

Snow & fog then bluebird days @ Grand Targhee.

As you may have heard, the snow situation in the West right now is terrible. Here in Salt Lake City, we haven't had snow fall since Christmas Day! There has been some snow in the mountains, thankfully, but nothing like we usually have this time of year.

Even though this unnaturally warm weather is freaking me out big time, I am sort of loving all the trail running that I am able to do because of the complete lack of snow.

When we planned our ski vacation to Grand Targhee, I wasn't worried about snow accumulation as is usually the case in the western US, we get our heaviest snow months in late January, February, and March. As our trip got closer, though, and we didn't get that expected snow, I was worried! But it turns out that, although they are still well below normal, Targhee has some of the most snow in the West at the moment.

We arrived to Grand Targhee resort late Monday night and woke up Tuesday morning to fog and snow. We stayed on the mountain so it was easy for my dad and step-mom to take Alice out on a snow adventure while Lee and I skied/snowboarded together for a few hours. Despite the fog, the conditions were great! And it was so nice to have time together doing something that we both love.

Wednesday and Thursday were perfect bluebird days and my dad and I hit the hill early so that I could snap a few pictures of the Tetons. As we got off the lift and traversed over to the viewpoint, my mouth dropped open as those spectacular peaks came into view. And just my luck! There wasn't a cloud in the sky to obstruct the view or my picture-taking.

It's worth going to Grand Targhee just to see the view of the Tetons from up there.

My dad and I skied together for the rest of that day and the next, racing each other to the bottom and scoping out the best next run on the lift ride back to the top. It was so wonderful to ski with my dad as we hadn't skied together in over 20 years! And it was so wonderful to fall in love again with a sport that my dad taught me to do when I was just Alice's age.

Speaking of Alice, she wasn't too keen to try skiing this trip. She put on her ski boots, tromped around in them and rode the magic carpet but she wasn't at all interested in clipping in to her skis for a scoot down the hill. We didn't push her to do it, either, as we didn't want to create a situation where she fears learning to ski.

Because my dear Alice,you will definitely be a skier someday.

On our last night in Targhee we took a sleigh ride to have dinner inside of a yurt! Alice loved riding the sleigh while the big Belgian horses pulled us through the woods to the snow-covered yurt where our dinners were being cooked on wood-burning stoves. We devoured the freshly made scones with honey butter and our host kept piling our plates full with chicken, steak, vegetables, and mashed potatoes. He even tried to serve us each two pieces of cheesecake!

I'm sure the horses felt the extra weight of our full bellies on our return sleigh ride to the resort.

Do you ski or snowboard? I've skied since I was 3 and then picked up snowboarding when all of my friends did at 16. And after exclusively snowboarding for 8 or so years and then only skiing this week, I don't think I'll ever strap a snowboard to my feet again. I just love skiing so much.

Weekly Workouts: Monday - CrossFit! Front squats 3 x 3 @ 80% (118lbs), then 5 RFT of: 200m run + 10 power cleans (65) + 10 front rack walking lunges (65). Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday - Ski days!! Friday - Rest day.

Scenes from the sleigh ride & dinner in the yurt!

Sunday, February 1, 2015


Birthday brunch!

I've never been one to celebrate my birthday over multiple days but, because I worked a night shift on my actual birthday, we celebrated me turning a year older over the weekend. On Saturday we had a dozen or so people over to our loft for morning cocktails and a light brunch. Lee made delicious lemon almond scones and, because it was my birthday, of course we had Tuile pastries.

Their savory quiche might be dethroning the morning bun as my favorite weekend treat.

We drank coffee, mimosas, and bloody marys and sat around chatting while the four toddlers, two babies and two kids ran wild around our loft. It was loud and chaotic and wonderful and exactly how I wanted to celebrate my birthday.

Alice went to my mom's for a sleepover on Saturday so that Lee could take me to dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. We haven't had a date night with just the two of us in what feels like ages and it was so nice to talk and laugh and argue and reconnect. Going back to work and applying for grad school has upped my stress level and I've been somewhat of a handful the last few weeks. It was good to shake off the stress, put on some heels and go out on the town with my man.

It was also amazing to sleep in till 7:30AM on Sunday.

Lee and I went for a snowy trail run on Sunday afternoon before heading to our friends' house for a Super Bowl party. And then we picked up Alice and brought pizza to celebrate my mom's birthday. Thanks, Mom, for all that you do for me, Lee, and our crazy toddler.

How was your weekend? Were you happy with the outcome of the Super Bowl? Despite having lived in Boston, I didn't care who won that silly (and morally questionable!!) game.

Weekly + Weekend Workouts: Monday - CrossFit! Tempo front squats 4 sec down, 2 sec at the bottom, fast up (4,3,3,2,4,8) = heaviest weight 103lbs. Then with a partner AMRAP 3 rounds against a 6 min clock: 400m run + 10 wall balls (14lbs), partner does burpees while other partner does wall balls = 313 reps. Tuesday - CrossFit! Shoulder press (8,6,6,7,10 = 83lbs) + 90 degree bent over rows (8,6,6,7,10 = 63lbs), then for time: 15 shoulder to overhead (65) + 20 pull-ups (blue band) + 25 double unders + 1000m row + 25 double unders + 20 pull-ups + 15 shoulder to overhead = 9:58. Wednesday - Birthday trail run! 4.5 miles/48min/793 ft elev gain. Thursday - Rest day. Friday - CrossFit! Bench press (8,6,6,7,10 = heaviest 93lbs) + 45 degree row (same reps = 73lbs), then 4 RFT of: 12 thrusters (65lbs) + 12 box overs + 12 plate burpees + 12 back rack walking lunges (65lbs). Saturday - Rest day! Sunday - Trail run to Mt Wire! 5.1 miles/1:16min/2,104 ft elev gain.

Lee's Sunday AM breakfast (that's a virgin, pre-trail run bloody mary) // The Alpenglow on the Wasatch mountains.

Thursday, January 29, 2015

B-day Pictures.

Pictures from my birthday: Lee made me a 'happy' breakfast // A snowy, muddy, & icy birthday run // My new Altras! Lone Peak & Mt Olympus // Alice & I found backyard chickens at a new park // Drool-worthy RubySnap cookies.

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