Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Two Things.

Two things that made my day great:
  1. I did yoga this morning! Nothing too difficult.  Just 30 minutes of easy sun salutations.  Some chair pose.  And lots of child's pose.  And it felt so good to move and stretch my body!  Upward facing dog wasn't happening, though, as it pulled on my post c-section abs and belly in an odd way (and laying on my milk-filled you-know-whats didn't feel all that great, either). 
  2. And this didn't really make my day great but it sure made me laugh.  I had just finished feeding Alice and her diaper seemed a bit heavy, so... I had her diaper off and was grabbing a wash cloth to clean her up a bit when, all of a sudden, she projectile pooped on the change pad, on my leg and on the floor.  Awesome!  My husband was in the other room and heard me sort of shout Oh my god and thought I had dropped her or seen a rat or something... until he came in and saw the look on my face and the mess on the floor.  He just laughed, too.  I am sure this won't be the last time she does this.

What is your favorite projectile bodily fluid story?  Come on.  I am sure this happens to every parent.  Right?!


  1. I loved yoga when I was nursing and just recently post baby! She's a doll. Not sure about my favorite story but I'll think on this.

  2. I see this as some sort of right of passage as a new parent. Our first son used to poop up his back on a pretty regular basis. Read more here if you are brave:

    We called it the "poop thong." Enough said.

  3. I have a great one for you. Our 2nd baby was only a few weeks old and my husband was changing her diaper. We use cloth so he was holding her legs up by the ankles while he tossed the cloth diaper in to the service pail, and when he bent her legs towards her belly he apparently lifted her bum slightly and she let it rip and got the diaper cover, the change pad, the table, as well as the wall which was a full metre away. All I heard was "OH MY GOD" and I came running. He wasn't impressed when I couldn't stop LAUGHING!

  4. Love that you're up and doing yoga already! It helped me so much. Are there any mom and baby classes near you?
    As for projectile bodily stuff, my favorite is the time my son peed ON HIS OWN HEAD. He was a few months old and had gotten both of us during changing time, but this time he was aimed at his own head. At first he was confused, and then he was just mad...

  5. That just made me smile!! You know that the c-section area will randomly hurt even after it is healed? Mine does and it is crazy!! I read your story about leaving a diaper behind, and Alice pooping ALL over you and it reminded me of when Eddie and I finally got out to a restaurant and I forgot the diaper bag. Dylan did a number all down the high chair, in his diaper and up his back. I had to use the CLOTH napkins to clean him up while Eddie got our meals to go. NOT good on either account! :)


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