Friday, May 25, 2012

Doing Shots.

Hey Mom...

Just so you know,  I am not mad at you for what happened yesterday.  Those pokes in my leg?  I know I needed them.  And I know you just want the best for me and you want me to be healthy so no hard feelings.  I am not mad!  No, really... that diaper blowout that I did after we got home from the doctor?  The one that went up my back?  A total coincidence.  Seriously.  I totally wasn't trying to get you back.

I promise. :-)



  1. I love Alice's facial expressions in these photos! Am sure she was totally getting you back :)

  2. She has such an expressive face. Looks like she is trying to tell you something. She is probably telling you that "the shot only hurt for a minute". She is beautiful! xo


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