Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Remodel updates. And a problem.

The water, the leak, and the hole for investigating its source. And Lee coming out of that hole.

Some good news! The majority of what seems like our never-ending loft remodel is finished! This space has gone through a remarkable change and is now so much more livable for two adults and a toddler.

Oh. And two cats.

Over the last seven months we have accomplished the following in our loft remodel:

  • Refinished the concrete floors (and had our washing machine stolen in the process).
  • Sealed all of the concrete and brick (it has done wonders in decreasing the amount of dust in our loft).
  • Repainted every single wall and baseboard in this place (bye-bye, blue kitchen!).
  • Put up a permanent wall, creating bedrooms in our once wall-less loft.
  • Installed a gas line to our balcony for a barbecue (and I imagine it will be the only way we cook during warmer months).
  • Wallpapered the hallway (we still need new lighting there, though).
  • Stripped and refinished a one hundred-year old farmhouse door (and because of its odd size, Lee also had to custom-build a door frame for it).
  • Installed our 3-form movable wall to create two bedrooms.
  • Added a vanity, recessed cabinet, new mirror, new lighting, new paint and new tile to our bathroom (I owe you guys a picture. It is gorgeous! See our old bathroom here).
  • And Lee and I have managed to not kill each other in the process and our marriage is still intact! A huge feat if you've ever been through a major remodel with your spouse.

And now for some bad news! We have a pretty massive leak in our living room ceiling. This building is over one hundred years old and, when they gutted it for lofts, they also tore off the original roof to add two more stories of penthouses above us. And somehow water has found its way through the many layers of brick and drywall and concrete and who-knows-what-else to leave a nice puddle on our living room floor whenever it rains or the snow melts.

But there is more good news! Since it's an issue with the building, the cost to fix this potentially huge problem doesn't fall entirely on us.

At least this cloud has a silver lining.


  1. I can't believe how much you've accomplished with your remodel! I bet it's going to feel so bizarre once you're officially done with all of your major projects [if it doesn't feel surreal enough not having contractors and construction noises everywhere already!] Devon and I have been talking about remodeling our bathrooms for, oh, 5 years now. Then it was a "definitely before the baby comes project" and now with less than 5ish weeks to go it'll be a miracle if we so much as get a new sink installed or paint in time!

  2. Darn it! That is awful. Hope it's not too big of a mess. You have done so much on your home it's a shame to have to pull down ceilings and walls. xoxo


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