Thursday, September 12, 2013


Ray explaining our hallway closet. And the vanity & tile materials.

Good news: Our replacement washing machine arrived yesterday. It's a good thing, too, as I was getting tired of dragging sweaty workout clothes and diaper laundry to my mom's house every few days. Bad news: Our replacement washing machine plays an obnoxious and sort of loud jingle at the end of every cycle. And you can't turn it off. First world problems, I know.

Our meeting with the cabinet guy on Tuesday went really well and we've chosen all the materials and design for our bathroom remodel. We have two problems with our current bathroom: Lack of counter space and inadequate light.

Right now we have a wall-mounted sink with no counter and a few Ikea pieces for bathroom storage making the whole room look a little mismatched. And because our bathroom is small to begin with, we decided to have a vanity custom-made so that it will be a perfect fit for the space (the materials for the vanity are amazing!).

The other problem with our current bathroom is dim light. Refinishing our floors to a lighter color definitely helped but the original lighting in there is terrible to begin with, making the room feel dim even when all of the lights are on. And then the large, dark-colored square tile only add to the darkness of the room and also seem to dwarf the space.

So we're changing all of it except for the toilet and the tub. Even the mirror and the light fixtures are out of there. I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Current bathroom: Dark & boring.


  1. 0ur washer and dryer does a little jingle once finished too - I love it! I much prefer that to the jarring BRRRRRRRGHHHHHHH my mom's 1982 dryer made ;)

    Can't wait to see how everything turns out!

  2. Wow, changing up the bathroom. Sounds great. I'm sure the dark tones were used to "warm" the space and give it a "richer" feel. Good lighting can help make that happen.

    The new built-in cabinets will be a great addition around the sink. We'll wait to see how yours turns out, then look at making changing to our bathroom too. Good luck with the remodel. xo PS: glad you got your washer... makes it more convenient for you. I do miss having you come by the house, especially when you brought Alice with you.


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