Friday, February 14, 2014

Her room. Our room.

Our new rooms.

Enough with the Whole30 talk!!  Now that our 3-form wall is up, I was inspired yesterday to dig out our FLOR carpet tiles from storage and put them to use in our new rooms.  And, despite being the colors we picked for Alice's nursery in our Boston apartment, they also sort of work in her new room in Salt Lake City.

Reusing these carpet tiles also saved us some major coin, which is definitely needed as our remodel costs continue to climb.  Yeeowza!

Instead of carpeting her entire room like we did in our apartment, I decided to do an approximate 5' x 8' area rug in Alice's room.  And since our rooms are a shared space when the movable wall is open, I used the leftover carpet tiles in our room to make it look cohesive.

I decided to leave out the hot pink carpet tile on our side, though, and instead used only the more neutral colors.  You're welcome, Lee.

And breaking news!  We found a dining room table and I bought it yesterday.  I had planned to have a table like this custom-made but after three unanswered emails over four weeks to the guy that builds them, I went back to searching for one from a retail store and found one for way less than I expected to pay.  We pick it up tomorrow!  And hopefully it is the perfect fit in our soon-to-be dining room space.  I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Finally our little loft is starting to resemble a home and not a construction site.

Happy Weekend and Valentine's Day!  Any big plans?

And a look back at Alice's first Valentine.  It was platonic, of course.

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Run! Just a quickie pushing Alice. 3.2 miles/28:08 with my last mile at 6:41!! Tuesday - CrossFit! Find 1-rep max for strict shoulder press (85lbs), then 40 pull-ups (blue band) + 20 dead lifts (125lbs) + 800-meter run + 20 dead lifts + 40 pull-ups. Wednesday - Rest day! Thursday - CrossFit! Find max-height box jump (my hip flexor is worse after my weekend in SFO and two days of spin so I took it easy and did a few 20" box jumps), then 5 rounds for time of: 8 hang power snatches (55lbs) + 10 wall balls (14lbs) = 7:57.  Friday - Run! Our loft remodel trumped my planned long run, so... I did hill repeats instead. 8 x 200 meters with a 1-mile warm-up and 1-mile cool down (4 miles/36 minutes, 554 feet elevation gain).


  1. That is awesome!!!! Can't wait to see the dining room table.

  2. It looks awesome! Everyone needs a room of their own. The floor tiles work so well & I do love the pop of pink!

  3. You have a designers eye for color and style. Great job with the floor carpet tiles. I'm sure Alice loves her new space. Looks like a fun place to sit down with her teddy bear and read a good book. xoxo


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