Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Good. Bad.

 One mud coat and some sanding away from being finished!

For all two of you who care, I'm going to do a quick update on where we are at with our loft remodel.  I am also doing an update so that, three years from now when I get a wild hair to remodel something in our loft, I can look back at all we've been through with this project for a serious reality check.

Permanent Wall:
  • the Good:  It's up!!  As of yesterday, there is now a very sturdy 8-foot wall where there once was none.  The many coats of drywall mud are still going on and the messy sanding part is still to come, which will have us staying in a hotel again for a few nights later this week, but we are so close to finishing this part of the project.
  • the Bad:  Next up?  Painting.  Again.
Movable 3-form wall:
  • the Good: We have an updated estimate that is much less $$$ than we were originally quoted.  Lee is doing some final inspecting of the contract so as not to miss anything (see: bathroom vanity) and then it's a-go on ordering it.
  • the Bad: 3- to 4-week lead time.  So another 3-4 weeks of sharing a room with Alice.
Bedroom door:
  • the Good: Lee did a bunch of cosmetic work on the door yesterday to ready it for hanging, which will happen at the end of the week! And I'll be applying the first coat of 100% tung oil tomorrow (more to come on that). 
  • the Bad:  The door hardware we've chosen?  4- to 6-week lead time.  Ugh.
  • the Good:  We have a bathroom vanity and recessed cabinet and they are beautiful!  Our new bathroom mirror has been ordered (the Bad: it won't be here for 3 to 4 weeks).  Lee is cutting holes in the ceiling to install a new shower light and new overhead lights near the sink!  We are making progress.
  • the Bad:  We had a MAJOR miscommunication with our cabinet builder.  Major.  When we picked out materials with him, we chose cabinet material, hardware, sink, and counter top material.  Then, last week, he came to install those beautiful, custom-made pieces!  And there was no counter top included with that install.  Turns out, he is ONLY a cabinet guy and there is a counter top guy who makes a template based on his design and builds and installs it separately from the vanity.  But no one told us that!  So now we have a topless vanity with no working bathroom sink until next Tuesday at the earliest.  Teeth-brushing and hand-washing are all occurring in the kitchen sink until then.  So that's been fun!  Oh, and we still have to tile.  I'm sure nothing can go wrong with tiling.  Right?!

Our dream was to finish this entire project before we head to Napa for Thanksgiving but that dream is fading quickly and now we're aiming for mid-December at the latest.  Fingers crossed that deadline doesn't get pushed into January.

Beautiful vanity! Totally non-functional.


  1. Though it sounds frustrating, as always, it looks like you guys have made a ton of progress! That bathroom cabinet is gorgeous and it's got to feel good to see that wall finally in place! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that you've used up your share of project delays and frustrations and the rest will be smooth sailing ;)

  2. Great job. Glad there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It will look fantastic when finished. xo

  3. It's looking good! I agree with Caroline- love the bathroom cabinet! I can't wait to see the bedroom door installed. There is a place on 900 South and just below 600 East (west of Beans & Brews) that sells old hardware. I'm not sure if you're looking for something old that belongs with the door or something new that looks vintage but it looks like a cool store.


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