Monday, October 21, 2013


Croi-liner from Vosen's. And a lovely catch-up with J & C. // Making progress on what may become our bedroom door. // Disaster zone!

Because this is how our loft looked at 6PM on Saturday, it isn't surprising that we decided to stayed in a hotel again for a few nights. But the good news?! All of the concrete is sealed! You may be wondering why we finally decided to seal the concrete after owning this place for almost seven years. Here's the thing: Concrete is naturally dust-producing. And then add in that the majority of our place is built from concrete and we were fighting a losing battle with layers of sneeze-inducing dust. So hopefully all of this work results in clearer sinuses and a cleaner home.

We also painted the entire kitchen (bye-bye, blue) and started painting the living room but I'll wait to tell you which shade of gray made the cut. Now that the concrete is sealed and the painting is almost finished, it feels like we're making serious progress.

We may actually have some semblance of a home before Thanksgiving! Keep your fingers crossed.

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Mtn bike ride! 9.8 miles /1,400-ft gain. Downtown to Ensign Peak & City Creek. Sunday - Rest day. And a whole lot of ladder-climbing, crouching, crawling, and standing.

Looking west from our hotel room. North Temple viaduct.

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  1. Glad things are starting to shape up at your home. It will be wonderful when it's finished.


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