Friday, January 3, 2014

Resolutions 2014.

Sunset on Chestnut Hill Reservoir. Oct 2012.
    1. Eat dinner together as a family on most nights.  No TV.  No cellphones.  No distractions.
    2. Drink alcohol only 3 nights a week (I've gotten a little too comfortable with the nightly adult beverages).
    3. Run an ultra-marathon.
    4. Complete the Whole30 program within the next six months.
    5. Read 10 books this year with at least 3 being nonfiction.
    6. Be an example to my little sponge of a daughter.  No bickering, fighting or swearing while her ears are listening.  And maybe no bickering or fighting in general (swearing OK :).
    7. Delete my Facebook account.  Focus on building genuine and sustaining friendships.
    8. When fed up in my role as a mom, remember that this little human is learning how to react and behave based on how I react and behave.  Enjoy this emotional and curious and limit-testing stage in her life. 
    9. Dates with Lee at least twice a month.  Runs.  Bike rides.  Drinks.  Movies.  Dinners.
    10. And finally...  Let loose of what I can't control.  Serenity will be mine.
    Tell me.  What is one of your resolutions?

    P.S.  Looking back... 20132012.  2011.

    Weekly Workouts:  Monday - CrossFit Edmonton!  2 minute AMRAP double-unders (84), then reps of 10-8-6-4-2 of deadlifts (125lbs) + box jumps (20 inches) with a sled drag between sets (65lbs). Then 10 sets of 3 push press at 75% of 1-rep max (85lbs), then 50 ab-mat sit-ups.  Tuesday - Easy day at the pool with 10 minutes of treading water + 8 stair climbs to the indoor slide.  Wednesday - Happy New Year with a rest day!  Thursday - Run!  6.8 miles/59 minutes.  Friday - TRX + push-ups and sit-ups (TBD).


    1. I also deleted my Facebook account a little before Christmas. One of my resolutions is to join The Junior League or a tennis league to meet new people. Another is to squat 230lbs by the end of the year -eek!

    2. I love this resolution list. Call me a cynic, but frankly most make me want to cringe or roll my eyes.

      #1 is high on my list as well. A couple years ago Devon and I bought a table from Ikea that collapses to take up only about a foot of space... unfortunately that's how it's stayed with the exception of very rare dinner guests. Looking to make family breakfasts and dinners at that thing a regular occurrence.

    3. I admire your candour about alcohol. I wanted to put that on my list but felt like I'd sound a bit too much like an alcoholic! Starting Monday until my birthday (January 21st, so not a long term goal) I'm only drinking on the weekends. I will try and keep it going past my birthday but sometimes you just cook something that will go well with a glass of wine or two...
      Good luck with three nights a week. That sounds achievable.

      I also have to admit that i put Facebook back on my iPhone! I just needed it when we were in hospital!


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