Thursday, January 2, 2014

Family Photo.

Our first family photo. Napa, Thanksgiving 2013.

Despite our original plan falling through because of a very tardy photographer, our family photo still managed to turn out pretty great.  With the sunlight fading fast, my dad and I scouted a new location while my sisters asked if my brother's girlfriend would be willing to take our photo (we'd all just met her earlier that day).  And then a quick shoe-change for the trek into the field and we had our picture taken as a family for the first time.  Ever. 

My three siblings, my parents and I haven't been in the same place for about five years as one of us has missed our tradition of Thanksgiving together due to work or travel or previous commitments.  So when we heard that our photographer most likely wouldn't make it before the sun went down and I realized that two of my siblings needed to be back in San Fransisco that night and with Lee and Alice and I leaving the day after that, this was our only opportunity to have our photo taken.

So we made do with my little camera and my bare-bones PhotoShop skills.  And we swore never to use that photographer again.   

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  1. That is a great picture. Everyone had a smile, no stuff in your teeth, no big stains on your white shirts. You all look happy! I'm so glad you got the 'fam-damily' photo. Great work! xo


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