Friday, March 1, 2013

Post-Baby Body: 11 months later.

 Not sure basketball-orange was a wise color choice for my last day being pregnant.

A few months ago, for some reason, I stopped posting my daily workouts.  Not sure why but I aim to change that as I am really proud of the progress I've made on my fitness over the last few months.  After having Alice I was so excited to get back into working out and running like I did before I became pregnant.  And, for the most part, I did!  I ran, biked, and did a little bit of strength work with the hand weights we have in our apartment.  I was happy with how my body was righting itself after carrying a baby for 40 weeks and 6 days but I knew I could do more.

I wouldn't consider myself a naturally thin person but luckily I've always loved working out as I am addicted to the endorphins that come with sweat-drenching and heart-pumping exercise.  What was lacking before becoming pregnant and after having Alice, though, was regular strength training.  I used to run and run and run and run and then I'd do some lunges every once in awhile and then I'd run and run and run some more.  I didn't do a lot of core work.  I only occasionally worked out my upper body.  And I rarely did anything but lunges for my legs.

Then one day my neighbor invited me to come with her to CrossFit.  And my life (and my body!) completely changed.

For me, the road to fitness isn't paved in fad diets or pills or elixirs.  For me to change my body I've had to work hard.  Really hard.  And CrossFit is really hard.  When I go for a class I know my body will be pushed to the limits.  I know in the hour I spend working out that it will be hard and I might feel like puking.  And I love every minute of it (although waking up at 4:55AM isn't so fun). 

3 weeks post-partum. // 11 months post-partum.

In the six months I've been doing CrossFit I haven't lost any weight.  In fact, I weigh about the same in those before and after pictures.  But I've lost inches and toned up almost every part of my body.  And it's amazing to see how much stronger I've become!  I can now do 10 pull-ups with only a blue band!  I can do 10 push-ups on my toes (I couldn't do even one on my toes when I started).  And, just this past Sunday, I dead-lifted 200 lbs for two reps. 

All of a sudden picking up an almost 24-lbs kid is no big deal! 

Any CrossFit lovers out there?  What is your favorite CrossFit exercise?  I love handstand push-ups and rope climbs But deadlifts are making their way to the top of that list!


  1. I so badly want to try CrossFit but am so scared to! You look amazing!! Keep it up!

  2. You look amazing, and I'm always so inspired by your dedication to fitness as I am not a gym person. I love being active, but for some reason I can't translate that to actual 'fitness', and I think crossfit would be the end of me :) It sounds impressive though!

  3. I've missed your workout posts, they inspire me to keep going. You are looking great and you're right, the key is hard work. And it takes a little time, you don't see an overnight difference with toning work, but a few months down the track your arms 'suddenly' have this definition they never had before.

  4. I've been thinking about how hard you have been working out at your cross-fit workout sessions. (especially at 5:00 am)

    I thought it would be almost impossible to try your type of workout. My husband said, we should start small. We will start by walking around the block, without getting winded, it's about 20 minutes, 3 times a week. He said "just" isn't the best word. But it is a start and I will look forward to making the effort... and hopefully working up to more time and (if weather permits) getting back on the bikes and going for a ride 3 times a week.

    I've got to start somewhere and YOU have given me a good look at what can be accomplished with hard work. Our workouts will be much less intense than yours... but it still is something.

    Congratulations! You look absolutely wonderful. I am so proud of you. xoxo Mom

  5. You go, girl! 200 lb heavy double - you're my hero! You're strong AND you look great. Hope you're having fun in Canada - I sorta injured my low back doing T2B and GHD sit-ups so I'm taking a break this week. I'm looking forward to having you back in town so you can push me through my aches and pains. :)

  6. I keep hearing so much about CrossFit! You look great, Briana! I think I am the weakest physically I have ever been, but I weigh the least too. I miss feeling strong... you are a great inspiration to me!

  7. Looking absolutely awesome! Keep up the good work. I haven't had the cross fit cool aid but it looks good on you.


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