Thursday, September 20, 2012


Lately, I have been feeling less than bionic and have been struggling with the intensity of my workouts.  Sure.  I'll go out and run a bit or bike a few miles or use the adjustable weights that we have at home but there is a lack of motivation to really push myself.  To feel the burn.  To get out of my comfort zone.

Last week, Alice and I were outside on the grass enjoying some fresh air when I saw my neighbor who I hadn't seen in a while.  And she is pregnant!  We started talking and, not only is she 26 weeks pregnant, but she is having TWINS!  We continued talking and she brought up working out during pregnancy.  I shared my experience with her regarding my overly protective OB and how my OB scared me into drastically reducing my running and working out, even though I had been doing both consistently for years.  My neighbor has an OB with the completely opposite theory.  He has told her she can do whatever she wants as long as she listens to her body.  Like me, she has worked out consistently for years and is continuing to do what she did before with a few modifications to accommodate her growing belly.  I asked her what types of workouts she is doing and she told me about CrossFit.  I'd heard about it and have always been intrigued by the intensity of the workouts so she invited me to join her for a class.

Oh man.  CrossFit is no joke.

Pull-ups.  Push-ups.  Sit-ups.  Squats.  And that's just the warm up.

Rather than try to redefine CrossFit, you can read more about it here and here.  After just two classes my muscles are sore in a way that they haven't been in a long time.  This is just the kind of intensity that I need right now in my workouts.  This is just the type of exercise that I know will bring my post-baby body back to were it was pre-baby.  Maybe even better.   

And after watching my neighbor, who is almost seven-months pregnant with TWINS (!!!), bust out five pull-ups, I was sold.  I mean, I can't even do one pull-up let alone five and I am not carrying anything but breakfast in my belly.  

Have you done CrossFit?  I am generally not a gym person but what I like about CrossFit is they focus on functional fitness, so all the stuff you do in CrossFit makes you fit to live an active lifestyle, not just be a gym rat.  And, of course, that functional fitness will also make your butt look way better in jeans. 


  1. Why am I not surprised that you like CrossFit...insane. And a pregnant woman doing it? Wow, makes me feel like a slug!

  2. Wow, your neighbour is amazing. I'd be at home with my feet up if I was pregnant with twins. You've inspired me to up the intensity of my workouts :)

  3. There are a couple of CrossFit places near my home, always wondered what they were about, thought it was just for the young. Just recently a friend of mine (same age as me, 56) said it is not for whimps, they have been working out there for about a year. Her daughter, who was extremely over weight, has lost over 100 pounds and looks amazing. Lots of hard work.

    I may have to give in, get off my butt and give it a try. Good luck with your new CrossFit workouts! xoxo


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