Thursday, January 17, 2013


Catching air! Jan 2013.

Currently... annoyed that I just spent 30 minutes looking for a story I heard on NPR this morning about how we may be more connected to each other via social media and texting but less happy and fulfilled with ourselves and our relationships.  I was only half-listening as I intended to go to the NPR website to read the entire story after Alice went down for her nap.  And the story was no where to be found.  Damn it. 

Currently... feeling some serious mommy guilt as Alice suffered her first noggin-bonk while standing at the couch this morning.  I was within arms reach and mostly caught her but... she's got a bit of a goose egg developing.  I know that this is only the beginning of the learning-to-walk crash and burns!

Currently... so stoked that I climbed the rope at CrossFit yesterday morning!  Just like the rope in jr high school gym class, I pulled myself all the way to the top and touched the beam hanging from the ceiling.  I've never done anything like that before.  And I am so proud! 

Currently... entirely ready for the weekend.

What are you currently doing?


  1. So frustrating! I sometimes search for things on NPR to little avail. If it was on a different show, like This American Life, Fresh Air, etc., search those sites too.
    Currently, I am running five days a week, doing yoga three times, and training for a May marathon.
    Currently, I am also watching my baby girl crawl around the den, pulling up on chairs and, eek! the brick fireplace.

  2. The bonks are tough & it always seems like the cry more for the little ones & then others that you think are awful, don't even bother them.

    Currently I'm in Adelaide, awaiting Nick's arrival with our car so we can head to Apollo Bay for a beach holiday. Lulu & I were supposed to drive with him but ended up having to fly. I will blog about it soon.

    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. you are mom of the year if alice just got her first bump today! poor ava has had a ton of them already and it still makes me want to cry every time :(

  4. Hi girly - I heard/loved that piece on WBUR, too. In an act of complete irony, here's your real-life friend giving you the link to the story about how the digital age is destroying our relationships:

    See you tomorrow!


    P.S. You kicked butt on that rope yesterday.

  5. Oh, I can tell you there will be more head "bonks" than just this one. It's difficult to keep your little one from falling. We try to hard, but that is part of learning. Give her a kiss to make it better.

    We had a brick fireplace along one wall, with the hearth raised up about 12 inches. You would pull yourself up and walk along it. You hit your head many times on the edge of that brick. It would scratch you, plus put a big lump on your head. You turned out ok!

    It's been a long week at work. I'm ready for the weekend too. xo

  6. I love this post! And I would be proud if I climbed the rope, too! That is a tough feat, lady!

    p.s.- Try not to feel too guilty about the head bonk! It happens, especially when they are learning to walk!

  7. Super impressed by your rope climbing!

    Also I'd be interested in that NPR story because I have been feeling kind of anti social media (fb and twitter mostly) and annoyed by how difficult it is now to really connect with friends.

  8. That rope climbing thing sounds so rad! I bet it was such a great, proud feeling when you made it to the top for the first time. I've started to fall back into my gym habit the past week or so and it feels so good to be consistently sore again. I felt like I lost so much progress when I stopped going for a few months, but I found my little notebook from wheni started working out this time last year and even though I'm not where I was at my peak late July or so it's amazing how much your body actually retains.

    Another amazing thing is just how much little kiddo's bruises swell! I swear if an adult bonked their head with the same force it wouldn't be nearly as bad! Once, I was playing with Littledude a little too rough, threw a pillow at him to catch but he fell back and slammed his head against the wall. I was so terrified - especially after 20 minutes once the bump had really swollen up. I expected his mom to be so upset + concerned about it, but I guess eventually as a parent you see so many goose eggs that you aren't as phased by it.... Didn't ease my worry and guilt a bit though! ;)

    Hope you three have a great weekend and are able to get out and do something fun! I don't know about Boston, but it has been so frigid and smoggy out here that we've been cooped up for weeks!


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