Monday, March 4, 2013


Alice meets Uncle Wes. March 2013.

Early Friday morning found us at the airport once again, this time for a trip to see family in Canada.  After two 3-hour flights we arrived in the early afternoon just in time for beers and for Alice to meet two of her uncles for the first time.  Having not properly napped during our flights, she didn't make the best first impression but luckily she was fast asleep early enough so us adults could enjoy the rest of our evening together catching up.

The rest of our weekend was spent visiting with family over more beers and it even included Alice's first sleep-over without her Momma.  We had a late dinner at my brother-in-law's house after putting Alice to sleep on her cousin's bed.  As we were gearing up to leave, my brother-in-law heard Lee and I talking about our plan to get Alice out of her sleep-sack, out of the house, and into her car seat without waking her.  He was like, "Just leave her here.  We'll look after her until the morning."  After some discussion we decided to take him up on his offer and headed home without our baby.

And it felt very strange!

As we drove back to my parents-in-law's house on the dark gravel roads, I looked over at Alice's empty car seat beside me and had a moment of panic as I thought about being away from my daughter overnight for the first time.  But then I remembered that she was in the very capable hands of my brother-in-law and my 7- and 9-year old nieces (one of whom curled up in bed next to Alice and slept with her) and I felt instantly at ease.

We got a text around 5:30AM letting us know she was up so we headed over to relieve them of their babysitting duties.  Turns out she'd been up since 4AM and my nieces had cuddled her and sung to her so that she'd fall back asleep, which she did until just past 5AM.

And, when we arrived to pick her up, she was happily playing with her cousins in their room, looking like she thoroughly enjoyed her first night away from her parents.

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - 2 mile run + TRX!  Sunday - 5 mile run on frozen gravel roads.

 "Okay, Grandpa. I'll let you snuggle my Guy."


  1. I STILL feel that way about leaving my 5 1/2-year-old overnight! I wonder if it ever changes... I guess if I would leave these kids more often, I would get used to the fact that they will be okay!

    Love that first picture. Your brother-in-law looks so cool!

    1. I hope you did something fun!

      I haven't left Nolan overnight yet, but now that he actually sleeps all night, we could. Now we just have to live closer to family :)

  2. Wow what a fun trip. Glad you had an opportunity to have her tended overnight. I'm sure it felt weird not having her with you... but as you said, all went well.

    Cute pictures of Alice with her Canadian family. xoxo

  3. That would have been a bit surreal driving 'home' without Alice. It's great that she slept so well away from you guys. Lucky her to have such wonderful cousins x

  4. How cute that your brother in law was so willing to take her for the night & your nieces sound adorable! Nieces are the best. So I definitely want to visit Boston again- what an awesome city, I had so much fun! Would have been fun to meet up but it just gives me more incentive to visit again soon.


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