Monday, May 5, 2014


Asparagus, ready for the grill. // Saturday breakfast.

With the return of the warmer weather, our weekend felt busier than usual as bike rides and walks to dinner and backyard barbecues filled our days.  On Friday Lee barbecued steaks and vegetables and then, after Alice went to bed, we did more neighborhood sleuthing on the scum-bag drug dealers on our street (I even called out the Mayor on Instagram).  But more on that another day.

On Saturday our neighbors invited us to their loft for early-afternoon drinks and then a walk to a new downtown restaurant for dinner.  As we sat around, talking and drinking, the topic of children came up and I found out that the hostess and the other woman in our conversation both only have one child.  After they commiserated and laughed over raising teenage girls, I mustered the courage to ask how they felt about raising an only-child.

It's so funny how the universe works when you are searching for an answer.

One of the women said she was happy that she and her husband decided to only have one child and, at the time and now many years later, she still feels they made the right decision.  And then the other woman said the complete opposite, wishing she'd had another baby.

You can see where this is going.

Obviously as the months go by without an announcement to make, I am starting to feel more comfortable with Alice possibly being our only child.  That's not to say I'm ready to throw in the towel just yet but I do see some big up-sides to only having one.  Restarting my career.  Going back to school.  Keeping my abs and my body intact.  Living with a smaller ecological footprint.  And, of course, being able to easily live in our lovely small-space loft for that much longer. 

How was your weekend?

Weekend Workouts: Saturday - Rest day! Sunday - Bike ride! 32 miles//1:54//2,034 ft elev gain.

Sunday morning bike ride! // Alice's first go on a trampoline. // My childhood Glo-Worm. Alice's new favorite toy.


  1. What a great weekend. Looks like both you and Alice were having a great time. xo

  2. As our son approached two, many of the friends we'd made (parents of the peers of our son) started getting pregnant with child #2. Up to this point, I had told my husband that one child was a handful, but as our little guy got older (and more independent) we started warming up to the idea of a second child. That was last July. We've been trying to get pregnant since then. Two miscarriages so far, but we're still trying. Mother nature may end up making the decision for us.

    1. Thank you for sharing this... I feel like everyone I know is pregnant with their second and it can be a little uncomfortable when they ask when I'll be having another and I'm like,"Well..... we've been trying."

      I'm so sorry to hear about your miscarriages. ❤️

    2. Hey we're actually doing OK with the miscarriages and are fine with accepting whatever happens. Time will tell!


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