Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Minimalism Game: Day 16.

Our closets and cupboards are starting to feel less cluttered.

Two weeks in and I might be getting a little too impulsive with playing my minimalism game. Yesterday as I looked through our things for something to get rid of, I started to get a little anxious as I put the chosen item into the give-away bag.

But what if I decide that I need those shoes with the holes in the soles?!

The rational part of my brain then kicked in as I remembered why I am playing this game in the first place (Small space. Less stuff). And then I also realized that the things I'm getting rid of are things I rarely use. That biking jersey? The pockets are too small to hold my iPhone let alone an extra bike tube. Those hats? I don't think I put even one winter hat on this year. The trail shoes that give me toe-bang? No thanks. And that Ragnar medal that doubles as a bottle opener? I think we can get by with the other three bottle openers that are still in our silverware drawer.

The big black bag of give-aways is growing and oh, how I love to see it fill.

And why, might you ask, did I collect, pack up and then move a bag full of milk caps from Boston to Salt Lake City? They were for a craft project that never happened.

Goodbye, milk caps!

I intend to make these into a caterpillar. Now they are headed to the recycle.


  1. I wanna play! I'm going to totally start doing this. 30 days, 1 item/day. Don't tell my husband!

  2. Hey, I want the wooden step stool. I would totally use that when Alice comes to visit. I'd keep it for when she tries to wash her hands in the bathroom and I end up trying to hold her up. Hope it's still up for grabs... xoxo Mom


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