Tuesday, January 28, 2014


 Five years ago, I spent my 30th with these guys. South Africa, January '09.

Today I turn 35 years old.  And for some reason, thirty-five feels like a really big deal to me as it just sounds so much older than saying that I'm thirty-four.  I certainly don't feel thirty-five.  But what is thirty-five supposed to feel like anyway?

I started off my birthday like I usually do on the day that I turn a year older: With a workout.  There is something so special to me about sweating profusely and getting my heart rate up on the day that I was born, like I'm paying homage to what happened thirty-five years ago today when my mom pushed me into this world and I took my first breath. 

It's like a little reminder that I am alive and healthy and that my body has made it another year.

The rest of my birthday is shaping up quite nicely.  Cupcakes and espressos have already been had with friends this morning (thanks, Jaimie & Jill!).  Alice is taking an epic afternoon nap at the moment (thanks, Lovebug!).  I received a surprise birthday gift in the mail from a dear friend (thanks, Ashlan!).  And then later tonight, Lee is making my favorite dinner of all-time with the salad dressing that I could drink: the Spicy Kale and Bacon Salad with Gouda.

I guess turning thirty-five isn't that bad afterall.

And P.S., A look back at my 30th, 32nd, 33rd (and 33-weeks pregnant!), and 34th birthdays.

 The Cape of Good Hope on my 10,950th day on Earth.


  1. Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you are having a wonderful day. Enjoy x

  2. Wishing you a Happy Happy Birthday to my wonderful daughter. xo

  3. Happy Birthday from Aunt Jan and Uncle Ned. You look so fit and fabulous! Love you muchly!

  4. Happy birthday. Hope it's everything you wanted and more.

  5. Happiest of Birthdays! 35 isn't so bad. Yeah, I notice more wrinkles and more grey, but it's better than the alternative ;)


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