Friday, January 28, 2011

I almost forgot!

(Awwwww... you remembered!)

I am so glad that Facebook reminded me that TODAY is, in fact my birthday.  Thank you, Facebook!  So far, it's been an awesome birthday and the day has just begun.  I rode the bike trainer while Lee made me breakfast.... um, hi... EGGS BENEDICT.  I think eggs benedict is his NEW specialty.  He makes it sooooo gooooood

Lee took the day off from work but had ONE work phone call to do for an hour this morning.  During that hour, I may or may not have been shopping online at the J.Crew Factory Store sale (hey, it's my birthday!).  Now we're off to the New England Aquarium (I'm obsessed with this place), lunch in the city, and then dinner at Sonsie on Newbury Street.  Hopefully there will be cannolis from Mike's Pastry or cupcakes from Sweet! bakery.  Or both.  Happy 32nd to me!


  1. Happy Birthday for a second time then!

    Sounds like a great day is planned! I have been to Mike's and Sweet and my vote is for Sweet. But then again, who cares what I think?! It's YOUR birthday. I am glad Facebook was there to remind you!

  2. Happy Birthday!!

    Nice of FB to remind you!

    Have a great weekend!


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