Monday, January 14, 2013


My day off on Friday didn't go quite as planned as my husband's workday ran a bit later than expected.  But I did manage to get out of the house well before Alice's 6PM bedtime both Friday and Saturday evenings for CrossFit followed by dinner with a few girlfriends after that grueling Saturday workout.  Even though it wasn't a string of consecutive hours away from my role as mom, it was exactly what I needed to recharge for my Monday morning back on the job.   

Since I've decided to mentally plant both feet here in Boston rather than continue to torture myself by living in the When we move back to Utah... realm, after two years of living here, we are finally putting some personal touches on our apartment.  Last week I hung up some pictures!  And this weekend we put a rug in our guest bathroom.  The white tile in that bathroom was never sealed so every drop of water or dirty footprint leaves a dingy reminder even after it's been cleaned.  So a rug was definitely needed so visitors to our apartment don't think we are heathens that never clean our floors.  I've already blogged about my love of FLOR on this post so I won't belabor their awesomeness all over again but I do need to mention one thing they've improved on even more.  The FLOR rug in Alice's room is 95% recyclable if we ever decide to part with it.  But that 5% non-recyclable component must have really bothered the FLOR guys because now their carpet tiles are 100% recyclable if you ship them back to the company after you are finished with your rug.  Amazing!  I love companies that are continually trying to better themselves!  And, yep.  Those environmentally-friendly carpet tiles are still made right here in the USA.

Be still my American-made and enviro-geeky heart!

"Nice pattern choice, Dad!"

Our FLOR tiles arrived Friday and, by Saturday morning, Lee and I were arranging them in different patterns trying to figure out the way they'd look best.  We had our square tiles cut into thirds so that we could make an interesting design in our small-ish guest bathroom.  And Lee's design won, hands down.  After cutting a few tiles into small squares and sticking on some FLOR dots to keep it all together, our new rug was installed and ready for guests.  Now that unsightly white tile is nowhere to be seen!  And our apartment feels a little more like a home.   


  1. Impressive! I love the design and colors!

    I am kind of nutso when it comes to making a place my own... even when we knew we were only renting in Baltimore for a year, I painted the entire interior to make if feel like our own. I was kicking myself a year later when I had to paint it all back to white, but it was really great while it lasted...

  2. I love Flor too. I didn't realize you could have them cut the tiles in half, I thought you had to do it yourself. Very cool pattern!

  3. I love the look and pattern. I love the color green too, but when it's also "green" thats great too.

    Now you've got me thinking about our flooring in our TV room. We've purchased bambo, but will need to get a rug to give it some warmth. This may be the way to go. I'll have to check it out.

    You both are very creative. Alice seems to love the new look in her bathroom too. xo


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