Thursday, August 23, 2012

Catalog Mayhem.

When we came home from vacation, we came home to a mailbox stuffed full of catalogs.  Catalogs from companies I've never bought from or even heard of before!  The whole concept of sending catalogs in the age of the internet and online shopping is totally ridiculous and totally wasteful.  Sure.  I love looking at a glossy catalog but I also know that the majority of catalogs go unread by most people and go straight into the trash.  Hopefully some of them get recycled.  I definitely recycle ours.

I've blogged about the company called Catalog Choice before and, for the most part, I think it has been helping.  We no longer receive some of the catalogs that I've unsubscribed to.  But it seems that once I get off the list for one company, I get a catalog from three more.  So frustrating.  And I think it's a little presumptuous for these companies to think I want them to send me crap in the mail.



I'm not at all hopeful that this will ever stop.

Does your mailbox get overrun with unwanted and unread catalogs?  Does this kind of catalog waste happen in other countries?  We received all the above catalogs in less than three weeks.  So terrible!


  1. We don't quite get catalogues like that unless you've signed up for them, but we get ones from supermarkets & target etc each week. There isn't an opt out option but you can put a 'no junk mail' sticker up & it will be respected by the people that deliver them.

  2. Agreed. So wasteful. And who calls and orders over the phone anymore? Is that even possible?

    We get them, and we live overseas! I still get Crate and Barrel even though I haven't (sadly) shopped there since we lived in California.

    They have our new address, too, which I don't get because we haven't ordered online from them in years, either.

    Germans have a "no junk mail" sign on their mailboxes and I guess people honor it. We get a once week local store flyer about sales and such and I just recycle it. I can't read it, anyway ;)

  3. Yes, we get our share of catalogs and magazines. Some are wanted others NOT. I've even tried calling to get them stopped. At least in SLC we can put them in the recycle bins... hopefully to make something useful in the future. xoxo


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