Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Little charms.

 These muffins. Alice's favorite breakfast.... for now!

Oh boy.  Alice and I are a bit out-of-sync this morning.  She's cranky.  I'm cranky.  So together we are basically a cranky hot mess.  It was one of those mornings where she didn't want to be put down even for a second.  Nope.  Totally not having it.  

Me:  Let me just set you down so I can take this scalding hot muffin tin out of the oven with TWO HANDS, sweetheart.
Alice (my interpretation of her squealing):  No!  I don't wanna be on the floor with my toys, Momma.  I want you to hoooooold meeeeee!

Luckily she is down for a nap now and, when she wakes up, we'll put a reset on our day, meaning I am going to check myself and stop being cranky.  You know, like an adult should do in this situation.

Alright.  Moving on!  A few weeks ago, at an early morning CrossFit workout, I lost my beautiful little "a" charm that I'd gotten just before Alice was born.  I'd worn that charm around my neck since the day she came into this world so when I got home and saw an empty chain, I was heartbroken to think I'd lost something so special.  An email to the CrossFit owner and a post to their Facebook page turned up nothing so I decided to order another one and not focus on the significance of that lost little charm.

I got my charm on Etsy at this adorable shop and, while looking for the charm I wanted to replace, I noticed the jeweler had added a few more things.  So I ordered another lowercase "a" and then added one more special charm.  B & L.  Now I have our little family around my neck!  And I'll take off my new special necklace during my early morning workouts from now on.

And, because this seems to be the way the universe works, 15 or so minutes after I ordered my new charms, I was in the bathroom and noticed a shiny little circle sitting on top of the drain in our shower.  And there was my "a" charm.  The original!  That little gold circle was barely bigger than the drain hole and had managed to hang on and survive a week's worth of our showering.  It must've been knocked off when I was holding a barbell and had then fallen in between my *ahem* sports bra.  And when I got home and jumped in the shower it washed off and perched on top of the drain.

So now I have two.  But this time I'll keep the original off my neck and tucked somewhere safe.  It is too special to lose a second time!     

Charms by StellaSalvador. Handmade in San Francisco.


  1. Oh, here's hoping to a hold-free afternoon! Those times are so frustrating, I know! Emil has been doing that to me lately since I am in the middle of weaning him. He needs an extra lot of holding, and it can be tough to get anything done!

    Love that charm necklace, by the way. I am so incredibly picky with jewelry, but I love the simplicity and special meaning behind this. Very pretty!

  2. Love the new addition to the necklace (kinda bummed we're not twinners anymore with our wishbones) and i'm super glad you found the original "a". I'm such a sucker for anything initial or monogrammed. I was just telling Caroline I love have a "G" as an initial- so much fun! Hope you're doing well!

  3. Glad you found your original "a" charm. It really is darling. I did check out that site and she has lots of cute stuff.

    Those muffins look delicious. Let's hope she keeps liking them and doesn't put them on her "picky" list. xoxo

  4. Those needy days can be so exhausting, but hey, at least you managed to make muffins- I'm impressed! Those charms are really pretty. I always find things as soon as I replace them too, backwards luck :)


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