Monday, March 12, 2012


The rug we ordered way back in December finally arrived last week.  We decided to go with FLOR and, after hours of painstakingly creating and re-creating rugs on their interactive site, I finally settled on bright and not overly girly colors for our rug.  But here's the catch... they were out of the lime green color and the receive date kept getting pushed further and further back.  Popular color, I guess.  The FLOR people were very helpful and asked if they could help me chose a new color but I was set on the ones we'd chosen so we decided to just be patient (ha!) and wait for that lovely lime green to be available.  My patience was rewarded.  We love our FLOR rug. 

Here are a few cool things about FLOR...
  • FLOR carpet tiles are made in the USA.  Yes!
  • FLOR recycling program:  Once you are finished with your rug,  you just ship it back (they pay for shipping!), they shear off the carpet which is sent to a factory that remakes them into new carpeting and then the backing is melted down to be made into the base for a new FLOR rug.  Love!
  • FLOR carpet tiles meet and exceed the Green Label Plus for low-VOCs which impacts indoor air quality so we can feel good about letting the wee-one crawl around on that colorful rug. 
  • FLOR has joined, an organization committed to caring for the environment in every aspect of business by eliminating all negative environmental impact by 2020.
  • FLOR carpet tiles are customizable!  Our nursery is not square but no problem!  We'll be cutting one square to make it fit just how we want it.  
All of these things just make my enviro-geek heart swell with green pride (nerd alert).  The rugs aren't cheap but they are durable.  And if one of those carpet tiles gets destroyed by a kid stain or a naughty scratching cat?  Just take that tile apart (FLORdots are re-stickable), ship it back, and order a new carpet tile.  No need to throw away an entire rug!  A friend of mine who also has a FLOR rug washes her carpet tiles right in the dishwasher (she has two dogs).  No joke.  Now that's durability!


  1. Sounds like an amazing company! Aside from the waiting and waiting for your tiles - but better to wait and get what you really love and want than to settle.

  2. it looks awesome! i love it even more for all the reasons you listed that FLOR so cool! the colors are fab. xo L

  3. Your rug looks awesome! We need something for the baby's room, pity we can't get them in Australia.


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