Thursday, January 31, 2013


Off to the Goodwill for you! The clothes, not the baby.

Currently... trying to keep one of my new year's resolutions to own less stuff.  I took a critical eye to my closet yesterday afternoon and got rid of things that are tattered or ill-fitting or too young-looking for a 34 year-old mom to be wearing.  It just feels so good to look in my closet and see less clutter and more space!  And it makes figuring out what to wear all that much easier.

Currently... laughing at Alice's new-found fear of the food processor.  Whenever I get it out her eyes fill with fear and her little faces wrinkles up as she lets out a cry.  It's so bad that I've resorted to taking the food processor into the bathroom during her naps when I make almond butter so as not to startle her awake by her arch-nemesis!   

Currently... excited to go here, here, definitely here, and maybe even here next week.

Currently... wondering why Alice's morning nap has been getting progressively shorter this week!  Doesn't she know mommy needs that hour-and-a-half break?!

And currently... still obsessed with the Digital Lives series on NPR.  Today's topic was multi-tasking (another thing I intend to do less of this new year).  Read the article!  And then tell me what you think. 

"The myth of multitasking is believing that we can think about several things at once. Miller says that’s an illusion, analogous to how drunk people think they’re good drivers.

What the brain is really doing is switching from task to task. And every time you switch, and think about a new thing, your brain stumbles a little bit. That slows you down and keeps you from thinking deeper thoughts."  

Interesting, right?  What are you currently doing?


  1. Interesting, I usually fancy myself good at multitasking... but it's probably true that it's a less effective way of going through life. And you get to take the best trips! Jealous.

  2. I just finished cleaning up the kitchen, and I'm reading running blogs.

  3. THIS. So this. I had this physical/mental reaction last night to nonstop multitasking the past few months. I had to turn off the lights, get under a blanket, and watch some Felicity for a few hours. (Did I just admit that I'm currently watching my way through Felicity?!) Anyways, I remembered this post and the quote so I decided to come back and read the article. It's so true. I feel like I haven't been doing anything to my fullest potential because I'm trying to do them all at once. I think I need to turn the email notification off my phone so that I can get some peace.. I'm always available and so easily derailed. ANYWAYS..I really just wanted to say YES. This make sense and I'm experiencing it and I'm glad that you linked to this article. xo


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