Friday, February 1, 2013

Ms. Susie had a Tugboat!

...the tugboat had a bell! Remember that nursery rhyme?!

Amazon sure knows its customers.  Earlier in the week I was buying some baby-proofing items and, as I was checking out, I noticed the You May Also Like... items listed and, oh boy, was Amazon spot on!  There was a friendly-looking tug boat just asking to be added to my cart!  And it had all the qualities I look for in a toy.  100% recycled from old milk jugs!  Chemical-free (i.e. baby-mouth friendly)!  And made in the USA!

Speaking of toys, I ordered rental toys to be delivered to our loft in Salt Lake while we're there next week so that I don't have to cart play-things for Alice all the way across the country.  It'll be like a vacation for all three of us!  A vacation from Boston for us adults!  And a vacation from Boston toys for Alice.

Toot! Toot! Get me into the tub.

And a BIG Happy Birthday to my mom... Grandma Julie!  We can't wait to see you tomorrow.  XO.


  1. We have this toy and the boys love it! Also great for outdoor water play!

  2. My son has this boat too. Your daughter is so cute! After having a baby, almost three months ago, I am back blogging. When you have a minute, stop by my blog. Thanks!

  3. Cute toy and made in the USA. Good idea to send some "rental toys" to SLC. It will be all new stuff for Ms Alice to play with. Can't wait to see you "3" tomorrow. xoxo Mom


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