Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Over the river and thru the woods...

My wonderful Grandma lives in Orem and, although it isn't my favorite city to visit (Utah County = pukey), it is worth the drive to spend time with this special woman.  Kristen is in town and we found a few days to hang out, have lunch, hear stories, and learn from a woman who has traveled the world and remembers every minute of it!  She has so much knowledge and wisdom... and the memory on that woman is superb!  I hope to be that way at her age. 

My Grandma has some beautiful keepsakes... from clothing to jewelry to hats and we had a great time trying on all of them.  Kristen and I happen to have GIGANTIC heads so the hats didn't quite fit us properly... but if they would have, I'm sure we would've stylishly worn them around Orem and Provo.


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