Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Familiar Streets.

SLC's quaint Main St. & the famous Walker building.
It is amazing how quickly a city can change. In the two years we have been away, downtown Salt Lake has so many new things. New cafes, new shops, new buildings. An entirely new light rail to the airport! Salt Lake is just getting so cool. In fact, it may be too cool for me with all the ironic facial hair and single speeds and dark-framed glasses walking about downtown. I'd totally have to up my game if we ever moved back here.

I kid. I kid.

Anyway. It has, of course, been great to be back in this town. Walking the familiar streets. Seeing dear friends and family. Drinking sorely missed beer (my husband declared this stout the best he'd ever had). It'll be hard to leave. But it's never been more apparent that we must move back.

The when remains to be seen.

Not to belabor just how cool SLC is, but let me talk more about just how cool SLC is! All over the downtown area there are different kinds of sculpture art. Some twirl in the wind. Some are funny and bizarre-looking. Some make no sense at all. But they all give a unique feel to a great little city.

Twirly Art. SLC, UT.

Onto a totally unrelated topic... while we've been away from Boston, I've been blogging via my iPad. I used to lug our cumbersome MacBook along with us on trips but now that my carry-on bag is full of diapers and toys and baby food, there isn't much room for a laptop. Add the ingenious app called Blogsy and blogging from an iPad is crazy easy. Except that I am pretty terrible at typing on this thing. Thank god for smart text and auto-correct.

Have you heard of or do you use the Blogsy app? Maybe I've been living under a rock and you've been using it for decades. And maybe I'm not as cool as I think I am. Both totally possible.


  1. I'd never heard of Blogsy! Between two iPads and iPhones in this house I can't remember the last time I cracked open a laptop. I always find myself wasting hours on our desktop computer so a solid blogging app would work wonders for getting that thing back up and running at least somewhat consistently :)

    It's been so fun seeing all the SLC pictures from your trip - makes me want to visit the downtown area a little more frequently and appreciate this town a little more.

  2. I too have never head of Blogsy. I think I'll have to download it though as it sounds a lot easier than lugging around my macbook.

    Beautiful photos : ). Xx

  3. So glad you had fun visiting your favorite hometown (SLC)! I sure hope that the "must move to SLC" will be sometime in the near future. I can always wish. And sometimes wishes do come true.

    I had such a great time visiting with you, your husband and of course little Alice. She is growing up so fast, learning new things everyday and of course she is brilliant.

    I miss her already. Have fun visiting the fam-damily in California. xoxo Grandma

    PS: your pictures are fabulous!

  4. You should work for the tourist bureau, I'm sold! The city does look lovely through your lense.

  5. I've never been to Salt Lake City, but it looks (and sounds) amazing! My best friend just visited and raved about it. Seems like I need to plan a road trip!

  6. I've never heard of Blogsy, I'll have to give it a go. I echo Mama Smith, in that you have made me want to go to Salt Lake City. Your photos are great & you've inspired me to take more photos of things I like around my town x


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