Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Five Months.

That's funny, Momma!      

Dear Squishy Baby,

You are five months old today!  It is hard to believe that, five months ago, you came out of Mom's belly.  Literally!  We think this past month you have changed the most from a personality perspective.  What was once somewhat difficult to make happen, you now smile and laugh at practically everything!  You are growing so quickly and are over 16 pounds.  We know you are going to be tall as six-month clothing barely fits you in length.  And we are now certain that you will have auburn hair.  When the light catches your fine strands, it looks the color of a penny!  And, just today, Mom noticed your first tooth starting to poke through your little gums.  No wonder you've been a drool-y mess the past few weeks.

You had a busy month with your first trip to Canada.  Your Canadian family loved spending almost three weeks with you.  You got your first glimpses of the beautiful Alberta prairies and the majestic Canadian Rockies.  And, surprisingly, we managed to keep you mosquito-bite free for the entire trip.  Your mom wasn't so lucky, though!

You also had your first tastes of real food this past month!  We started you on oatmeal cereal and then you gobbled up carrots, peas, and green beans, all fresh from Grama's garden.  You also enjoyed squishing bananas and peaches out of your mesh teether.  We make sure you are either naked or have a bib on when using it, though, as you love to make a huge mess!  You've also started taking water from a sippy cup.  It mostly dribbles out the side of your mouth but you seem to be getting the hang of it. 

You are now rolling over back-to-front and front-to-back.  During the night, we often find you sprawled out on your belly, which usually startles you awake.  You are enjoying a swaddle-free sleep now and, on most nights, you'll sleep a solid 7 to 8 hour stretch.  Naps, though?  Not so much.  We are working on getting you to sleep longer than 45 minutes at a time.  Hopefully soon!  You are also so close to sitting up by yourself.  You can do it for almost a minute before your big noggin starts tipping you over.

You are growing up so quickly and we can't wait to see what each day holds.

We love you so much.

Mom & Dad.

But I don't wanna hug Clifton! August 2012.    


  1. You can totally see her personality coming out in these photos - I love it!

  2. Beautiful little girl! Teeth, food, rolling... that's quite a month!

  3. Wow, she has changed so much lately! I love that you are feeding her fresh veggies from the garden... hooray for veggies! Hooray for Alice!

  4. Alice certainly has a great personality. She seems to be laughing with her entire body. At 5 months she is growing so fast and every day there are changes. Treasure them, even when she is grumpy as she is teething! Miss and love you '3'. xoxo mom


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