Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Magic Show.

Do you believe in magic? August 2012.    

On one of our last days in Canada, my in-laws hosted a backyard barbecue so that my husband's family could meet Alice.  There were hamburgers and hot dogs.  Smirnoff and Kokanee.  Bonfire and s'mores.  Adorable Canadian-made baby gifts and thoughtful cards for Alice (thank you, everyone!).  And there was even a magic show put on by my nieces and their cousins.

There is something so endearing and heart-warming about children performing a show.  My youngest niece walked around with a sign announcing the start of the magic show in five minutes.  We were then ushered to the front of my in-laws house where they'd set up their table.  And then the show began.  Making coins disappear and then reappear!  A handkerchief dipped into water came out dry!  One sponge placed in a hand turned into two!  There were ooooohs and aaaaaahs.  Applause and laughter.  And pleased and smiling kids.

I can't wait till Alice is old enough to join the show!

     Abracadabra! Bippity-boppity-boo!    

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  1. It is so wonderful that Alice has older cousins. She'll have so much fun playing with them when she's a little older.


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