Monday, August 20, 2012

'Till next time.

Fields of Gold. August 2012.     

Our vacation has come to an end.  We have been in Canada just shy of three weeks.  And every day has been wonderful.  But today we head back to Boston.  Back to real life.  Back to the every day.  Back to just us three.  Our vacation had to end.  And we're sad to see it go.

Thank you to our Canada family for a delightful time.  We miss you already.  

And to my beautiful sister KPT.  If you are reading this... Happy Birthday.  I miss you.  Let's talk.  XOXO.

Alberta wheat field. Ready for harvest.    


  1. It's always tough to get back to reality but it looks like you had a really special vacation and so many spectacular photos! These are beautiful.

  2. Cute pictures of the nieces and family. I love the pictures of the wheat fields, it reminds me of Grandpa Adams fields and how much I miss the farm. Glad you had such a great time in Canada. xoxo


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