Thursday, December 29, 2011

Jealous. But grateful.

Brunch: Eggs Benedict
Dinner: Cioppino
Black Cat: Little Kitty

In other news, the 3rd trimester roller coaster of emotions and overwhelming exhaustion have started to kick in.  Not fun.  I can go from laughing to crying in a matter of minutes.  I could possibly snap if someone even looks at me funny.  And, no matter what time of day it is, I am pretty much always ready for a nap.  Not fun at all.  But my little Nike Training Club workouts are helping stabilize my mood.  And my OB told me this morning to start taking an iron supplement to (hopefully) help my exhaustion.  So things are looking up. 

A few people I know have given birth within the last few weeks and I am so jealous.  Jealous that their little bundles of joy are here.  Jealous of their new title of Mom.  Jealous that they are no longer pregnant.  As wonderful as the process is and as ecstatic as I am to be pregnant (no really, I am), I have to admit... I don't love being pregnant.  Nine and a half months is a long time.  I have been pregnant since LAST JUNE!  Crazy.  But maybe I will miss being pregnant after our little girl arrives.  Maybe I will look back longingly on the nine and a half months of miserable heartburn and teenage acne and belly jabs and widening hips and an aching back.  But don't count on it.  I miss running.  I miss my waistline.  I miss seeing my feet.  I miss sleeping on my back.  I miss beer and wine and cocktails.  But in 11 short weeks our little girl will be here.  And every little ache and pain and sacrifice will be more than worth it. 

I just know it.      


  1. Brunch looks delicious! The bottom photograph makes me miss my dear kitty from my parents house. Have a great NYE!

    XX Hilary

  2. Should you be eating shell fish? I thought that was a no- no. However, I ate some Sushi, so ... anywho, I want to see more belly pictures!! I loved/hated being pregnant, and LOVE even more to NOT be pregnant!! I can't wait for 11 more weeks... SO excited!

  3. my Rags are 20 and 23 and I really miss being pregnant and all of the trials and tribulations that it brought. I had pregnancy diabetes and wicked carpal tunnel syndrome and once I wept when I couldn't squeeze into my car, but I loved being pregnant. Enjoy, it is a special time

  4. although i can't talk from experience, it doesn't seem like a picnic! i have friends that loved being pregnant and made it seem easy. i also have friends that experience just the opposite. i hope i follow the easy pregnancy friends. i don't know how i'm going to do it!

  5. NTC is amazing. Good luck powering through the next 11 weeks!


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