Thursday, December 15, 2011

Post-Baby Body.

I am already planning my workouts for post-baby.  Maybe you think I am jumping the gun a bit.
Maybe you think I am a little overambitious.  Or maybe you are saying to yourself, "HA!  She won't even know what hit her when that baby comes."  And maybe you are right.  But I am going to do my damnedest to get right back into shape.  Back into running.  Back into sweating profusely.  Back into sore arms and achy legs.  I miss it all so much.

My workouts have definitely come down several notches since becoming pregnant.  Yes, I am still working out but at about half the intensity of my pre-pregnancy workouts.  I am sure I could've just kept right up with high-intensity stuff but I didn't want to risk anything happening in there.  And, besides,  it's good to give your body a break once in awhile.  Mine just happens to be a 9-month break.  No biggie.

I do, however, still love my Nike Training Club workouts.  Haven't heard of NTC?  It is a free app offered by Nike that has a bunch of different workouts tailored to your specific needs, all on your iPhone or iPod.  It is seriously like having your own personal trainer wherever you go, whenever you want.  So convenient.  Fat burner?  Totally.  Toning?  You know it!  Target workouts?  Absolutely.  And you can listen to your own music while doing the workouts, too.  Or, if you're like me lately, you can have no music and just watch The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills while you work out.  I can't help myself.  That shit just sucks me in.  

Also in my post-baby workout arsenal?  Pure Barre.  I've heard it does wonders for reshaping the body.  Like totally transforms.  And that, my friends, is exactly what I'll need. 

Be honest.  How likely is it that I will be able to work out consistently in the first few months after our baby is born?  I am really stubborn.  Like, you have no idea.  So I think, with the help of my husband, I will definitely start working out as soon as my MD says I can.  Slow and steady, of course.  And then BAM!  I'm back in shape, baby.


  1. PLEASE wait 6 weeks after the baby is born to do down and dirty workouts. You will probably feel fine, but bleeding out with heavy exertion is a definite possibility. With Mimass as a women's health NP, I've been scared into submission.

  2. If you are stubborn you will have no problem! With the help and support and rest(ha), you will be able to follow though with your plan! Just be ready for obstacles and prepare to go with the flow! :-) Congrats and good luck to you!!

  3. I say it's too soon to tell. Hopefully you'll have an awesome delivery that leaves you feeling strong and capable. BUT...newborns are time suckers. Like..seriously. Especially breast feeding babies that leave you with almost no personal time at all. BUT...with an awesome support system and the deterimation it appears you have, YOU CAN DO IT! I had a c-section so walking was painful for the first 2+ weeks. Nursing was such a calorie burner, though, which means not having to work out AS intensely to burn as many calories each day!

  4. my favorite workout routine is jogging, simple and works magic.

    Congrats and good luck to you :)

  5. I agree that BF a newborn takes a lot of time. I had a c section and I am so excited to start working out at the six week point.

    I think it's too soon to plan, but if you keep up the excercise now you will bounce back much better.


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