Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Clay Bake.

I'm feeling 'meh' today.  No reason, really.  I'm almost entirely over that damn pneumonia I had last week.  Just a bit of a lingering cough.  This time last week, I was a wreck!  It's amazing what time, antibiotics and rest will do.

Not sure why I'm all 'meh' today, either.  It's a dreary, rainy day here but usually I love days like this so I don't think my mood is weather-related.  I think I know what it is... and you're going to think I'm crazy.  I'm ready to get back to my regular life.  My regular life of going to work and being on a schedule and taking care of sick people and interacting with my coworkers and taking the T and being a normal, NOT SICK person.  I think that's it.  I'm tired of being a cooped up in my apartment with the cats.  I haven't been to work in over nine days!  Sheesh.  I can't believe I miss the chaos of that place.   

Enough wallowing.  So I was sort of crafty yesterday!  Not entirely thrilled with how my crafts came out but it was my first time working with this particular material.  And it was really fun!  And I can see so much potential in making things with this wonderful stuff.  So I read this awesome blog pretty much every day that gets my creative mind spinning.  This creative mommy blogger is always making/doing/creating amazing things!  Recently she made these adorable bracelets out of polymer clay and she made it look so easy!  So I decided to copy her and attempt to make some of my own polymer clay creations.  How'd they turn out?  Eh.  Okay.  My bracelets definitely have a 'craft project' look to them, like I made them at summer camp, but I think with practice they could look pretty legit.  Like I paid money for them.  We'll see.

Alright.  I'm getting gussied up and getting out of the house.  A trip to Treats on Washington for a delectable baked good (their banana bread is to die) and a soul-warming hot drink will definitely cheer me up.  

Any crafty polymer clay ideas for me?  This cute blogger makes rosebud earrings and beads and necklaces and all sorts of fun stuff.  Don't her ideas make you want to get all crafty??  

And some Halloween trivia for you... How many pounds of candy corn are sold in the U.S. during Halloween?  Oh don't worry.  It's only THIRTY-FIVE MILLION POUNDS!  Yikes.  35 million.  That's a big number.


  1. I love Delighted Momma! I've never done anything with polymer clay before, but Lindsay does make it look super simple! I think your bracelets turned out cute - love that coppery red color.

    Glad you're feeling better - hope your meh-ness passes with that bit of banana bread :)

  2. I love the ring!! Sorry that you are feeling meh still! Hope you are back to yourself soon! I definitely contributed to the sales of candy corns!


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