Thursday, September 1, 2011

Playing around.

My cats are sick of me harassing them with my camera lense.  I can't help it!  They're just so photogenic.  Plus they are the only living subjects I have at the moment to photograph.  Luckily Lee gets home tonight but I sort of doubt he'll sit still for a photo shoot.  I'll have to bribe him with a new bike or something. 

Do you have Adobe Photoshop?  Is it worth the $$$?  I really want it.  I've loved editing photos on my iPhone but I'm ready to graduate to the big-girl world of editing in Photoshop.  Any advice??


  1. My mom loves her photoshop! And I love your photos. Your blog is always just so calming...I know, I know, I say this all the time but seriously, I get this peaceful feeling every single time. LIke a treat!

  2. I have CS 3 on my computer and CS 4 on my work computer and I never use photoshop. So to me, not worth it, but I know some people can't live without it. But then again I don't take many pictures.

  3. I really want to invest in Photoshop but right now I still use an online editing program and I like it.

  4. Ooooh I love love love kitty pics.. I'm obsessed with photographing my cats and they really don't seem to like it lol xx


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