Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thoughts on a rainy Thursday.

I guess this is becoming the 'pumpkin-and-latte' photo blog.  But that's what I'm loving these days so whatever.  Today is a rainy day in Boston... but it's deceiving because it's hot and humid out, too.  I walked to my MD appointment this morning in long pants, a sweater, and a scarf and I was boiling after 5 minutes.  It would be lovely if it were just a tad cooler but I'll take the rainy weather over hot sunshine (I'm over you, summer).

So, this is funny.  There are a few other girls at work who are also pregnant (one who is due the same week as me) and they are all furiously scouring the Babies R' Us website, debating car seats and strollers as they make their baby shower gift lists.  Um... hi.  I haven't even considered doing any of that stuff yet for a couple of reasons.  First, I just feel like it's still too early for me to start getting caught up in that (I have over 5 months to go).  Plus I find all the choices and all the stuff totally overwhelming.  How much of that stuff do you really need with a new baby?  Second (and I know this is controversial), we're not doing the whole baby-shower/gift-registry thing.  I'm sure I sound like a total party-pooper but Lee and I have thought a lot about this and we'd rather have our family and friends spend their time and money traveling to Boston to see us rather than buying us the stuff that we're happy to buy for the baby ourselves.  We're not young parents.  We're established in our careers.  We're very particular in what we'd like to have for this wee-one.  So we're being all non-traditional and saying 'No, thank you' to the traditional baby shower gifting madness.

I know that people (especially new grandparents) will be chomping at the bit to shower gifts on the newest member of our family so we'll give them some options!  My mother-in-law and my grandmother (and many other family members) are amazing at sewing and knitting and quilting (all of which I suck at) so we'll encourage them to make something for the wee-one (I still have my baby blanket that my grandmother made for me when I was born).  If they're not crafty then we're considering setting up a long-term college savings account for our baby that they can donate a little something to if they'd like.  No pressure.  We will love them and our baby will love them regardless of gifts.  We promise!       

I know we can't deter everyone from giving us gifts (and we'll gratefully accept the ones that slip through the cracks) but we want our friends and family to just focus on the miracle of our new baby rather than the material side of us becoming parents.  

And if my family and friends or Lee's family want to have a no-gift baby shower for me, I'm totally in!  Just as long as there is delicious food and wonderful company!     

Do you think we're being entirely unreasonable?  We didn't do a wedding registry or wedding gifts, either, so I think our family might expect this from us.  We're not ungrateful, we are just going against tradition!  We absolutely don't expect everyone to do the same as we are and if you invite me to a baby shower, I'll happily be there with a beautiful baby gift! 

Do you find 'going-against-the-grain' and being 'non-traditional' a little scary?  Sometimes I do.  But I also find it liberating.  This is your life!  Create your own rules and your own traditions! 


  1. candy corn is my weakness. actually the candy corn pumpkin thingies are better.

  2. anything fall makes me so happy inside! ESP candy corn and pumpkin lattes!! (;

    I'M TOTALLY with you on the NO SHOWER thing! I remind my sister's ALL the time that when it comes to the baby years, I want it my way. No because I'm being bratty- just because I'm particular and I don't want a bunch of wasted non coordinated baby stuff! I think it's probably annoying for outsiders to have you go against the grain but what is life without a little liberation!! (; I'm glad you're standing by your wishes!

  3. I totally get you. I'm not into that either. I'm not married yet or have any babies but I know that I would like to go away for my wedding and the last thing I would want from people are presents. I would rather them come and be a part of my special day than spend money on something I can buy myself. It's kind of the same as your baby shower. You would rather be surrounded by the love, the miracle, and the awesomeness that is coming into your life. Don't stress, enjoy every second.

  4. I had no bridal shower and I won't have a baby shower. It's not that i am against it (I know it would make my mom and aunts so happy to throw me one) but it's the distance.

    However, I think showers go way over the top nowadays. Expensive cakes, decor,food. I think it's too much.

    We just bought our car seat last weekend, you don't need a lot and I agree it's pretty early to buy a lot. Place to sleep, a boob, warm clothes, car seat, is all you really NEED

  5. Yay for pumpkin spice lattes (had one this morning)! I don't think you're being unreasonable about the baby shower at all. I think not having a baby shower is just fine- you should do what you want. There are traditions I tend to follow and love but I don't feel like we need to live our lives according to tradition. Going against the grain can be fun and exciting.

  6. You are being COMPLETELY reasonable. You might come up against some tough people, but you know what you want for you baby - better than getting stuff you don't want/need and then not using it.

  7. The older I get the more eclectic my style and tastes get. If Ryan and I ever have a child I don't foresee doing a baby registery. I had the young mama thing going on once and it was truly wonderful for family and friends to be able to shower us. But now I think that I'd rather find specific pieces as they come and stick to more natural and unique pieces which are harder to come by in places like Babys R Us or Target, etc. No matter what---babies need LOVE. Which I'm sure yours will be receiving MUCH of!!

  8. I. Love. You.
    I. Want. Candy. Corn.
    I totally completely entirely absolutely forgot that this is candy corn time of year!!!!!! Wooowooo! You are going to have to save me some incase it SELLS OUT for when i come home in December!love you to pieces!


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