Thursday, July 7, 2011

Waste not! Want not.

(Blueberries! This week's Farmer's Market find.)

We were out of coffee this morning.  That's not true, actually.  We had enough for ONE CUP so I let Lee have it (I'm so nice).  After Lee left for work I decided to head to this cute little cafe near my house for an iced coffee.  But here's my problem.  They serve their iced coffee in plastic disposable cups.  You see, I try my hardest not to participate in 'one-time usage' items such as disposable coffee cups, bottled water, plastic spoons/forks/knives, styrofoam take-home containers, etc.  It's just so wasteful and I feel so guilty using something once and then throwing it away.  But I reeeeally wanted an iced coffee.  So I brought my own glass from home!!  I'll admit.  I was a little nervous when I got there and placed my order and then said, 'But can you please put my coffee in this cup?' as I pulled it out of my purse.  She was like, 'Sure!' and didn't seem to think it was too bizarre of a request.  As I sat in the cafe, drinking my delicious iced coffee and snacking on a piece of freshly baked banana bread I felt good about my odd-ball behavior. 

You have to make this.  Minty Watermelon Juice!  It is to die.  Just add the following to a blender...
  • A handful of ice cubes
  • A few chunks of juicy watermelon
  • 12 or so fresh mint leaves
  • A touch of honey
....then blend until smooth.  And enjoy!  It is probably the most refreshing thing you'll ever taste.  I'm probably going to make more when Lee gets home (with rum!).

Do you think I'm crazy bringing my own cup to a coffee shop?  I just have a very guilty conscience when it comes to being wasteful.  I can't help myself!  I guess instead of having 'religious guilt,' I have 'enviro-guilt.'  Confession:  I also bring my own spoon from home when I get fro-yo!!!! 

Non-Garmin stats:  Walking.  Walking.  And more walking.  And then some yoga.


  1. I love it! Cardy is a recycling freak! A lot of times we'll bring plastic objects (spoons, cups, water bottles etc.) home with us so we can make sure they go in the recycling bin. We take out our recycling about every 2 days and our actual garbage about every 2 weeks. I wish everyone was enviro-guilty.

  2. That is awesome! And no, you're not crazy at all! I used to work at Panera Bread (shocking, I know) and customers brought their own cups in all this time! It actually got a little strange to see a regular customer that didn't have their own cup!

    You go girl!

    Happy Friday!

  3. Hahaha. That's not odd...that's cute. :) Ryan is much more likely to do that than I am, but that's because I still have somewhat of a "what people think of me" complex. That minty watermelon slushy is getting MADE this weekend. Sounds so good and I have a boat load of mint to use up!

  4. I saw this girl at b.good on Newbury bring in her own "tupperware" for her food. That was kind of weird. Mugs are fine, though.


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