Monday, May 23, 2011

Guilt-free buzz.

I'm not usually one to buy pre-mixed alcoholic beverages.  I looooove to make cocktails myself with fresh ingredients (mojitos, caipirnihas, dark & stormy, sangria) because I believe they taste better.  I do worry about the extra calories, though (I don't work out just for the endorphins), since those homemade drinks tend to be sugar and calorie-laden.  I've admitted in the past that I am a sucker for trashy T.V. and 'Bethenny Getting Married?' was no exception.  I think Bethenny is so goddamn funny... her humor is right up my alley.  So when she came out with a low-calorie cocktail with (mostly) natural ingredients and all the 'kick,' I had to try it.  Here are my thoughts....
  • It's not overly sweet, which is to be expected for a cocktail with less than 40 calories per 2 oz. serving.
  • There isn't that nasty 'fake sweetener' taste that you find in diet sodas and diet drinks.  I hate that flavor.  And I can't imagine it going well with tequilla.
  • It packs a punch with 13% alcohol by volume (26 proof).  You'll 'feel it' after one drink, I promise.
Overall, I'm impressed.  I'd buy it again (much to Lee's chagrin).  It's an easy go-to cocktail for hot weather/laying by the pool/sitting on the deck-type activities.

And dinner tonight.... Mushroom & Herb Strata.  It is to die.  Make it.  You won't regret it.  

Non-Garmin stats: Living room 'boxing' + upper body weights, followed by 45 minutes of yoga... there was a lot of 'warrior 1 & 2' and 'chair pose' once again.  I *might* be sore tomorrow.


  1. These are times when I wish I liked alcohol! And that dish looks delicious! Wonder if there's a way I could veganize it...

  2. I always wondered about the Skinny Girl stuff. I can't get over how much she sold that company for!!



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