Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Just like a thoroughbred.

Day two of orientation week is over and I'm a day closer to taking care of patients again. Can't wait.

We got out early today and I was home well before sunset so instead of riding the bike trainer like I had originally planned I decided to get my ass out the door and go for a run since a STORM IS BARRELING DOWN ON THE NORTHEAST AND IS EXPECTED TO DUMP 8-15 INCHES OF SNOW AND WRECK HAVOC ON EVERYTHING!  Seriously.  The weather guys get pretty worked up about a little white stuff.  It's funny. 

I have to be honest... I wasn't that stoked to go on a run... but I made myself because, hey, tomorrow I may not get out of work early and there may be a foot or more of snow hindering me.  The second I sync'd my Garmin, hit play on my iPod, and started running, though... I was totally into it.  My music was good. The sun was setting.  It wasn't that cold. This was turning out to be a great run.  And great it was... I had originally planned to run around the reservoir a few times but I was feeling so good I decided to do a bit of a longer run around my 'hood.  I sailed down Beacon... I felt like a freaking thoroughbred horse... antsy at the starting line and rearing to go, legs twitching (go with the comparison, c'mon). Yesterday was my rest day so my legs felt awesome today.... light and responsive and full of energy.  Love it when that happens.

Anyway... after a stretch and a shower I'm all geared up to watch 'the Bachelor.'  It's a good thing Lee is out of town for work because he hates when I watch it (but secretly I think he likes watching it, too... sssshhh!).  I poured myself a bowl of cereal the size of my head.... I'm ready to watch some trashy television!

(Obviously I didn't take my mascara off from underneath my eyes, post shower. Hot.)

(Ooooooooooh, I am sooooooo excited.)

Do you watch 'the Bachelor'?  Any other trashy T.V. shows that you can't live without?  Please tell me I'm not alone....

Garmin stats: 7.5 miles/57 minutes. Felt smokin' fast. Thanks Monday rest day!


  1. is that on tonight? I must tune in. I have stopped watching t.v lately but love trashy reality t.v when I can get into it. I am officially going back to tag you in my stylish blog award...what was I thinking...You are totally stylish!

  2. Awwww, thanks for the 'stylish blog' award, Amanda! I'll do that post tomorrow. :-)

    No, the Bachelor was on T.V. last night, but I recorded it. I know you can watch it online at abc.com, though! Another reason I am tuned into this season is there is a girl I went to high school with on there! SO WEIRD!


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