Friday, April 15, 2011

Photo Friday. The houseguest-prep edition.

This won't be a very exciting 'Photo Friday' as all I've been doing is running errands and cleaning house for the arrival of my guest.... Grace!  I've known Grace since 4th grade but we weren't really super-close friends till about the end of our freshman year of high school (we went to East High, home of 'High School Musical'... no joke).  Since then, she's been like a sister to me and her mom and dad and brothers have been like my extended family.  When I lived in L.A., we wouldn't see each other for months and when we did, we'd pick right back up from where we left off... like no time had passed at all.  She's awesome.  Get here already, Grace!

(Truth time: This is from last night... a pre-dinner snack.)

 (These daffodils are the most cheerful thing I have ever seen.)

(Blue Pearl Hyacinths. Grow, guys!! Grow!!)

(Never tried it. Kind of excited. I think Bethenny is hilarious.)

(Notice what's missing? The bike trainer has gone away till next winter!)

(Grace and I braving the cold Canadian weather. January 2010.)

Do you still have friends you've known since elementary/junior high/high school?  Yes!  I do!  And they are some of my dearest friends!  

Are you a fan of 'High School Musical'?  I've never seen any but I'm sure I'd be a fan if I watched them.  I remember seeing a scene from one of them and I was like, 'Hey, that looks like the Commons in my old high school... HEY!  WAIT!  That guy is wearing an East High letterman's jacket! WTF?!?'  I just thought I was going crazy (I guess that's still debatable).


  1. My very first best friend and I still talk all the time. We met when we were in 1st and 2nd grade. She lost her husband (military) four years ago and is still very much trying to cope. She has sort of distanced herself from everyone and if I lived closer I'd love to spend even more time with her.

  2. I still have friends from high school, and my husband :D

    Those flowers are beautiful!!!


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