Friday, November 1, 2013

House envy.

We are a little behind our regular Friday routine as Alice and I have once again been banned from our loft. Banned sounds a little extreme but it's more that we tend to hinder the progress of the wall-building so I've implemented a self-imposed ban in hopes it will keep us on schedule. Luckily we had a play date at the zoo this morning and are now at my mom's house for Alice's afternoon nap so at least we aren't wandering around downtown SLC like vagrants as we did when Lee was sealing the concrete.

But, at this point, whatever it takes to get this project finished, I'll do!

I had a serious case of house envy yesterday while Alice and I walked through my mom's neighborhood. Seeing the houses decorated for Halloween and watching the kids walk home in clusters from school had me daydreaming about what it would be like to be a home owner. And then add in that Alice hasn't been sleeping past 6AM for weeks and is a cranky mess during the day due to what I believe is lack of sleep (or disrupted sleep?!) and I am starting to question how this small-space living and shared-bedroom concept is going to work.

There is a romanticism for me that goes along with home ownership. It probably stems from having lived in apartments for most of my life and feeling envious of my friends that had their own bedrooms and trampolines in their backyards and two parents living at home. But, just like small-space living, I know there are downsides to home ownership, too. Yard work. Snow shoveling. Higher property taxes. More space to clean, heat, and cool.

I'm just trying to keep all of those downsides in mind as Alice and I wander the tree-lined streets of what looks like the picture-perfect neighborhood.

Weekly workouts: Monday - CrossFit! "Bring Sally Up" song WOD - back squats for the full song (started at 85lbs, dropped to 65lbs halfway because my hip flexors were screaming), then hit replay and do it over with push-ups. OUCH! Tuesday - CrossFit! Find a 1-rep max for weighted strict pull-ups (I did one with the red band and ALMOST one with the purple band), then 30-20-10 reps of push press (65lbs Rx) + kipping pull-ups (blue band). Wednesday - Rest day! Thursday - CrossFit! 30 minutes every-minute-on-the-minute of 3 power cleans and 2 shoulder-to-overhead (I did 85lbs and push jerks... Originally this WOD had front squats but my hip flexors are so tight lately so I subbed more PC). Friday - Run! 5 miles/46 minutes. Capitol Hill to City Creek.

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  1. Someday you'll have all the 'fun' of home ownership. Our house got egged last night, so even in our cute tree lined street there were a few crazy kids, unsupervised doing stupid things. So cleaning up the eggs was not fun. We couldn't get it all off the walls in the dark... it will have to be a Saturday project to scrub off all the dried on egg. YUCK! Home ownership is still worth it. xo


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