Thursday, October 31, 2013


That blue line will be replaced with a wall... TODAY!

It's probably a good thing that Alice is only 19-months old as she won't remember that her mom didn't dress her up for her second Halloween. Don't judge. We are in the middle of a major remodel!

I really did intend to do another play on her name for a costume this year and dress her as Alice in Wonderland but all of a sudden it's Halloween and I didn't get the blue dress, white apron, black headband and Mary Janes like I'd planned. So she'll just have to wear her festive black skull-and-crossbones shirt all day today.

And maybe I'll throw on a necklace and a bandana and she can be Alice in Chains again.

Speaking of major remodel, THE WALL-BUILDING STARTS TODAY! And now the guessing game begins of when it will actually be finished.

Are you dressing up for Halloween? What are your kids wearing? Mark my words: Next year, I'm going all out.

That would be a hanging sheet separating us from Alice when sleeping. Fort-like living at its finest!


  1. Great to hear the wall build is happening!
    Although I really wanted to, I didn't dress Lulu up for Halloween. She was too tired after daycare that we didn't end up going to the Halloween event at the local shopping centre. Next year. Halloween still isn't a big thing in Australia, but it's becoming more so. Her daycare is having a dress up day for Melbourne Cup Day (a horse race! Weird, I know, but the race is a huge deal in Australia, with most workplaces doing something for it.) on Tuesday, so she'll dress up in her best dress & hat for that. She was pretty excited when I told her about it yesterday, mainly because she loves wearing hats! Crazy kid.

  2. Didn't realise I was signed in as Nick!

  3. That's ok... Do you have a lot of kids in your complex? Did you even get trick or treaters? For sure next year Alice needs to be dressed up for Halloween. Congrats on the new wall. Hope its done soon. xo


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