Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dividing rooms.

All images via 3-form.

This may sound crazy but, when we move back to Utah, we've decided that we will share a room with Alice.  Our loft in Salt Lake is just under 1,100 square-feet and, rather than have large bedrooms, we've decided on more living space and less sleeping space.  Since dividing walls were never put in (our choice upon buying the place), we now have the ability to take the space and set it up exactly how we want. 

After the concrete floors are refinished, a permanent 8-foot wall will go in creating a large bedroom.  And then, within that bedroom, we will install a movable wall/sliding door to divide the room into two smaller bedrooms.  

Alice on one side.  Us on the other.   

I bet you're shaking your head, wondering how this will work from a (ahem) privacy perspective.  And honestly, I don't really know.  All I can say is... stay tuned. 

We have yet to pick a pattern or a translucency but our interior designer found a sliding wall system called 3-form that should work perfectly for what we are trying to achieve.  And when the rep came to our loft to help us with the planning, she said, "This is going to look amazing when it's all finished."

I sure hope she's right.

 Home. Sweet, home. SLC loft floor plan.


  1. I love all the colors and patterns of those doors! I bet it's going to be so fun, if not a little nerve-wrecking, once it's time for the big reveal. Very cool that Alice will have her own little space & yet still managing the loft vibe of your place.

  2. I think the floor plan looks like it will accommodate both bedrooms easily. It will be great! xo


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