Monday, November 4, 2013


State Capitol & Memory Grove. // I love a good run in the snow.

Three small miracles occurred over the weekend: I took a day away from being a mom to do some manual labor. It snowed. And the time change didn't totally disrupt Alice's Sunday wake-up time!


On Saturday morning, after having a few rough days of butting heads with Alice, Lee said he'd take her for the day so that I could go to my mom's and do some more work on our soon-to-be bedroom door. Sanding and scraping and smoothing all while having time to think were just what I needed. The door is now in that part of the restoration, though, where the progress is painfully slow. In fact, when Lee saw it after my full day's work, I'm pretty sure he wondered what I'd been up to all day. I also spent most of Sunday with a razor blade and a piece of sandpaper in hand, working to get those last bits of paint out of the teeny-tiny grooves.

But my hard work and sore shoulders are really paying off as the door is turning out beautifully.

On Sunday we woke up to snow flurries, a time change and a still sleeping Alice at what would have been 7:30AM! I had to google 'current time in SLC' because I couldn't believe my eyes and thought that maybe my phone hadn't done the switch on its own as this kid has been waking up consistently between 5:30 and 6:00AM for WEEKS now. But nope. She gave us the gift of an extra hour-and-a-half of sleep. So thanks for that, baby girl.

Oh. And there was one more miracle that occurred over the weekend: Lee made my hands-down favorite meal of all time. The GQ Spicy Kale & Bacon Salad.

I might just have to re-blog that recipe because it is so goddamn good.

How was your weekend?

Weekend workouts: Saturday - Rest day! Sunday - Run! 6.6 miles/54 minutes in the SNOW!

A white-out at 13th Ave & Terrace Hills.


  1. Sounds like a productive weekend! I had such plans for mine - got a decent bit done after breakfast at The Park Cafe, but my plans to stay in and take care of laundry were thwarted by phone call and surprise dinner invitation with some lady friends.

    I can't believe Alice let you sleep in that long with the time change! Today was my first stay-at-home student day and not having to wake up at 5:45 combined with the time change felt so so good.

    Can't wait to see what that door looks like installed! <3

  2. A perfect weekend! Love that snowy scene... and that you ran in it!

  3. You look so cute! I can't believe it's snowing there... but it looks so pretty.

    And YES! I love kale salads- please please please share the recipe!

  4. I love the picture of the snow along the foothills, its so gorgeous. I love the first few snow falls of the winter... it can stay in the mountains.

    So glad I got to share some Grama time with Alice. She is such a character, laughing and giggling when she was eating and of course having a meltdown or two. But it is still so much fun being with her. Can't wait til next weekend. xoxo Grandma

  5. The snow looks so pretty. Well done for running in it! I would have been tempted to stay home & watch through the window.


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