Friday, May 24, 2013

Summer Hair.

Middle of nowhere, two hours south of Chicago. Tough Mudder, May 2013.

We all know how little I wash my hair so it's no surprise that most days of the week in the humidity of the summer you'll find me with my hair in some sort of up-do. Because I tend to get gussied up a bit even for walks about town, I like to do my hair in more than just a messy bun or sleek ponytail. Good thing the famous Joanna at A Cup of Joe does hair tutorials every once in awhile because otherwise I'd be at a loss for what to do with my often unwashed mane.

Here are a few of my favorites from her tutorials... the Ponytail Twist! the Mermaid Tail (I did this one yesterday!). the Three Twisted Buns. the Perfect Top Knot (I do this one most days). And I swear I learned this one from Joanna, but I can't seem to find it... I did this hairstyle on my dear friend Catrina while on my baby-free vacation in Chicago last month.

Maybe I'll do my own hair tutorial on how to do what I like to call the super-easy Twisted Knot Bun!

Weekly Workouts: Monday - Run! 4.5 miles/42 minutes. Tuesday - Crossfit: 15 pull-ups (green band), then 60 double unders + 60 burpees. Wednesday - Crossfit: 8 Power snatches + 16 overhead squats, then 45 push-press (55lbs) + 30 front squats (55lbs) + 800 meter run (7:21). Thursday - Run! With hills, including Heartbreak. 6 miles/58minutes. Friday - Crossfit: 14 Turkish get-ups (35lbs) + 14 pull-ups (blue + black band), then 150 ab mat sit-ups + 75 wall balls (14lbs) + 50 deficit push-ups (knees). Tomorrow - Rest day, for sure.


  1. The three buns are my go to 'fancy' hair. I always get compliments on them which is awesome because they are so easy. You'll have to do a tutorial of your super easy twisted knot bun!

  2. I put my hair up a lot in the Summer time too and also because of the humidity. I have a lot of hair and it gets really frizzy. I have to check those tutorials!

  3. Love the black and white photo. Hair! Sometimes I hate it sometimes I love it. Very pretty ideas for working with long hair.


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