Friday, April 26, 2013

Beauty Rituals: Hair.

For fear that you'll immediately stop reading my blog out of disgust, I'm not going to tell you how often I wash my hair but, let me just say, it definitely isn't every day or even every other day.  After having Alice, when I was knee-deep in that sleep-deprived, newborn fog, washing my hair on the daily just wasn't a priority.  And I found that, after a few weeks of less frequent washings, my hair looked better when washed less!  Just like over-cleansing your face, washing your hair too frequently can lead to a dry scalp resulting in an over-production of oil and greasy strands.

I change up my shampoo + conditioner every few months but, over the last few years, I've stayed with the Bumble and bumble brand.  And on those days when I do wash and blow dry my hair, I add a dime-size amount of Moroccan Oil to the ends.  Fun fact: I also use that oil on my legs when going bare in shorts or a dress.  It gives my skin a healthy sheen without feeling greasy.

But the real star of my hair care arsenal is the dry shampoo.  I've tried countless brands and have finally found one that isn't overly fragrant and doesn't leave my scalp with a chalky residue.  The Oscar Blandi Dry Shampoo has a light, lemony scent and is non-aerosol which I find makes it easier to apply.  A light sprinkle around the crown of my head and a quick comb-through with my fingers leaves my hair looking freshly washed.

What is your one can't-live-without hair product?

Weekly Workouts: Monday - None! Tuesday - Sick baby + sick husband = No workout. Wednesday - Crossfit: Power snatch x 16 reps + 8 drop snatch (55lbs), then 75 overhead squats (55lbs) + 1.25 mile run. Wednesday - Crossfit: Reverse lunge with back foot elevated x 48 reps (30lbs) + kettle bell swings x 40 reps (35lbs), then 2,000m row for time (8:27). Friday - Run! 6.1 miles/54 minutes, including Heartbreak Hill!

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  1. I've never tried dry shampoo but I hear such raves about it that I think I need to give it a try! I also don't wash my hair very often, but I do take daily baths. James gives me a hard time, but I'm clean- honest :)


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