Thursday, May 23, 2013

Bedtime Routine.

By no means am I an expert on anything related to parenting (other than that Alice and I are both alive after the first year!) but what I have learned over the last fourteen months is that most kids do well with routine.  In those baby classes I took when Alice was a wee little one, the instructor told us that whatever we do in regards to putting our babies to sleep, make it the exact same every time.  Eventually they begin to understand as you start those familiar steps that Oh, I'm going to sleep now, which can often make putting them to bed all that much easier.

Alice is definitely a routine-lover and, although what we do at bedtime has changed as she's grown older, there are elements that have remained constant.  Here's Alice's bedtime routine on most nights...
And then as we put her into the crib, we turn on her white noise iPod app, wind up her musical sleep sheep, make sure she has a pacifier and her lovey (named her Guy) and quietly shut the door.  Lately we've been leaving her with a book in her crib, which she seems to love, and she is usually picking it up as we walk out.  And before we took away that nighttime bottle last weekend, she was quiet as a mouse as she fell asleep.  This week, though?  Not so much.

Do you follow a specific bedtime routine with your kid(s)?


  1. Yes! Bath every other day, books (usually three) in the rocking chair, white noise goes on, I hum "twinkle twinkle" and put him in the crib. I have to pat his butt to help him fall asleep - but he usually sleeps all night now, so it's ok with me :)

  2. Glad he's sleeping thru the night! And we were on the every-other-day baths but with park grit and layers of sunscreen we're on the daily now. More work for me, for sure! :-/

    Hope you're well. XO.

  3. Routines are good. Now that she has a regular schedule, it also gives you a couple of hours to be with your husband, catch up on events and just share time together, without a little one wanting all of your attention.

    You as a child, you would tell me you were ready for bed. I think you mostly loved that I would read bedtime stories and sing to you.

  4. I am all about routines! I never thought that I would be and always pointed to our one set of friends with a kid who would bring her out to late night meals and cosleep as the golden standard. As it turns out though, my kid responds best to a strict schedule and an early bedtime... and I respond best to having a few hours to myself each night- who has energy for late night dinners out?!

    Hope she adjusts to her milk-less bedtime quickly.

  5. We do the dinner, bath, stories, bottle, bed routine. It is really interesting to see how these routines get ingrained. The other night we gave Lulu her dinner then a bath, but because we were heading to Nick's mum's for dinner we didn't put her to bed, she just wandered around playing while we got ready to go out. She was happy with this for about 10mins before she brought us a book from her room, sat in the hallway & started to read it. Like she was saying 'Hey you guys are forgetting something, it's bedtime now'.

    Hope your new routine starts to settle down soon x


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