Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Memories.

Baby Bionic Briana. Christmas 1979.

I don't think we are going to do much in the way of Christmas decorating this year.  One reason (of many) is we actually don't have any Christmas decorations!  Seriously.  I have never decorated my own tree separate from my parents so I've never accumulated my own ornaments and lights and such.  Part of me is a little sad at the idea of not having those classic Christmas photos of Alice like these ones here but part of me is also relieved that I don't have to take out, put up, take down and re-store all of those decorations! 

When we were little our Christmas tree went up in early December and... I can't believe I'm about to admit this but.... it sometimes stayed up well into the new year.  Like more than once.  Like I think we still had a tree up for my birthday a few times.  And no, my birthday isn't in late December/early January but January 28th.  It's funny the things you remember from when you were a kid, right?

 Mom & Dad on Christmas morning.

I had a long talk yesterday with a woman in a baby group we attend about creating family traditions.  As I've mentioned before, I am not religious (and neither is my husband) so it's been hard to wrap my head around celebrating a religious holiday when I don't believe in the meaning behind it.  And, because of that, I feel a bit of pressure over what to do during this time of year now that we have a kid.  I have wonderful memories of Christmas growing up and I want to make sure that Alice has those experiences, too.  The woman I had the conversation with leads the group and her children are a bit older.  She told me about some of the traditions they've created that they do every year and how her kids talk excitedly about them as the holiday approaches.  Those family traditions become what the memories of childhood are about, not the gifts they receive and then ultimately forget.

What is your favorite family tradition from the holidays?  On Christmas Day the last few years, my husband has made homemade English muffins to be had with to-die-for eggs benedict.  You don't even want to know how much butter goes into that hollindaise sauce!

Homemade stuffed animals! The perfect gift for an 11-month old.


  1. Holy Cow, that couch brings back memories of the 70-80's. I know it's kind of wild... but it was so IN back in those days.

    I remember that first Christmas, we didn't have alot of money to spend, so I went to the fabric store and found the pre-printed, ready to cut out patterns and bought some quilt batting. For about $10. Of course I bought a few toys. As I remember, those balls were $.50 each. That cute green dress with the tree on it was made by your Grandmother Terry.

    I think you had just as much fun opening the presents and playing with the paper and ribbons, as you did with the toys. You also loved all the lights, so we would take a drive around our neighborhood to let you look at them.

    I do remember when I was a child, "Santa"... on his way back to the North Pole... (usually after Christmas, when things were on sale), would bring us another toy or gift on New Years Eve. I think it was a way for Mom to keep us entertained when they had friends over to celebrate the New Year.

    I hope you do a "little" something, just so you and your husband have some memories from Alice's first Christmas. Plus you take such great pictures... It would be fun to see Alice opening up a gift or two.

    XOXO Miss you 3. Love Mom-Grandma Julie

  2. Adorable! I love old pictures. I can see where the hassle of Christmas might seem like too much (I might have scrapped it this year if James wasn't so persistent). It's funny though, because I don't see the most primary traditions of Christmas as having anything to do with religion. The tree, Santa? Not much to do with the birth of Jesus there, just a celebration of a season and a little magic. I've actually considered getting a menorah too just to add to the fun and light a couple more candles, havent done it yet tgough! You guys should definately do what feels right and happy for you, but it is fun to have a tree with a couple lights- even if it's itty bitty :)

  3. I agree with Mama Smith, Christmas doesn't have to be religious. It is just a great day to spend with family and yes, have a little magic happen. The magic can be the world's best eggs benedict.

  4. that couch is amazing and so are those family photos.

  5. Wow, you mom looks so much like Kristen.


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