Thursday, December 13, 2012

This is amazing...

Have you seen this news clip of the 9-month old twins floating on their backs all on their own?!  You MUST watch it!  So amazing.  I had planned to sign Alice up for a Mommy/Baby swim class in the New Year and, now that I've seen this, I am even more excited!  Although, I don't think I will be nearly as brave as those parents.  I mean, can you even imagine letting your baby float away from you like that?!  Talk about confidence!

Have you done swim classes with your baby?  I know Alice isn't going to come away from a class knowing how to do the backstroke, I just hope it helps her confidence as she gets older with being in and around water.  With supervision, of course. 

 She isn't naked! the Grand America pool. Nov 2012.


  1. Cool! We have wanted to get W into swimming class forever, but James always wants to be the one to do it with him and given his work schedule it's not all that realistic. I'm sure Alice will love kicking away in the water :)

  2. Oh my gosh, that is absolutely amazing! I can't even imagine how they discovered their babies could do this! And I think my favorite part of that whole video is at the end how those two very tuckered out babes are falling asleep in their parents' arms! My babies seriously never did that!

  3. Lulu's been in swim classes for the last 10 weeks. We've missed quite a few of them because they're at 10 on a Saturday morning & sometimes she's still napping at that time. It really has been great for her confidence & just getting used to being in the water. Plus she loves seeing the other babies. You and Alice will have a great time.

  4. ramona has been in a swimming pool once (so sad, i know). she freaked out the entire time.
    she loves the bath AND the shower so i wasn't expecting that. you have just inspired me to add to my to-do list: research swim lessons for mo.

  5. That is an awesome video clip. The first time I took you to a pool was at Snowbird, you were almost 9 months old. You loved being in the water. It was hard to get you out. You would cry and want to get back in. You gulped down some water every once in a while, but that didn't stop you from loving it.

    I'm glad you are taking her to a swim class. You both will love it. XOXO Mom


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