Friday, September 7, 2012

Three years ago...

Bagging peaks. August 2009.   

Three years ago today I attempted to run 100 miles.  But not just any 100 miles.  100 miles of rocky terrain and high mountain passes with elevation gains of close to 27,000 feet.  I attempted to run one of the toughest ultra-marathons in the country: the Wasatch 100.  I say attempt because I didn't quite make it to the end of the 100 miles.  I made it just over halfway to 53.1 miles. 

And now, three years later, I am struggling to run a measly 5 miles.  What happened to me?!  Marriage.  Starting a new life.  Moving to the other side of the country.  Pregnancy.  And a baby.  That's what happened.

But I am determined to get back there.  Back into endurance running shape.

And, although I didn't finish all 100 miles, I am happy with what I accomplished in training for and running that beast of a race.  Someday, I will do it again.  And, when I do, I will finish it. 

    The Wasatch Mountain Range from 9,990 feet.  


  1. Holy moly! I am so impressed that you ran that far. I cannot picture running more than a marathon. You will get back there- I came back from my first pregnancy fitter and faster than before.

  2. You'll get back there! I didn't run until after I had my first daughter and getting back to it after my second was hard. But I'm running my first marathon in 5 weeks and I know I'll rock it! Then I just have to worry about getting it back after deciding to have my third!

  3. Oh wow!! Endurance running. I could not imagine doing endurance running but I am in total awe of people who do. If you could do 53 miles before then I'm sure that you will get back there again. Just make the time to train :)

  4. Inspiring. If you can get married, move across the country, have a baby and get back into endurance shape then I have no excuses!

  5. Wow, I totally agree! You are truly inspiring. 53 miles is amazing.

    We (me and hubby) are planning on "hiking-walking" the Wasatch 100mile course before next years race. Wish us luck! xoxo

    PS: We need your suggestions about purchasing a Garmin or other device.


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